Here we are with another list that will infuriate gatekeeping metal heads who are under the impression metal musicians are not allowed to listen to anything other than metal. This time around we’re focusing on the tracks that have been kicking my ass into gear with Spring rearing its ugly head around the corner. While the weather is still as cold as my black little heart, the vibes are certainly starting to change along with the scenery outside. What better time to dive into some new music!


Lashed To the Slave Stick

A proper death metal track that checks all the boxes when you’re seeking out something sinister. This one may cause intense neck pains due to its high risk of headbanging.


March to the Sea

It’s raw, vulnerable, & filled with passion. Almost to a point where you feel like the music can’t contain the feeling they’re trying to convey, as if the song is about to explode at any minute.

Fear Factory

Final Exit

One of those songs where it totally pays to read along with the lyrics. I would never imagine a Fear Factory song could make me as emotional as this one did, but these guys truly put their heart into this track.

Pink Floyd

High Hopes

Such an epic song with a vocal melody that haunts me every time I sit down to write music. It’s been a huge influence on me for years, & I’ve often thought of covering the song had it not already been arranged so brilliantly as is.

Tom Waits

Hope I Don’t Fall in Love with You

One of the few songs that Waits does where I cannot help but tear up from how sweet these lyrics are. I love when he gets weird as much as the next Waits fan, but sometimes his tempered material hits me harder than I was expecting.

Philip Glass

The Hours

Many horror fans are familiar with his work on Candyman, which this score borrows from heavily, as is Philip’s style. However, there is another element of sadness that lingers here whilst trying it’s best to conjure moments of hope.

Angelo Badalamenti

Twin Peaks: Laura Palmer’s Theme

Simply put, this is without question one of the most beautiful melodies my ears have ever come across. The somber crescendo into such lush layers of strings that melt down your spine, it’s enough to send you into absolute sonic bliss.

Future Islands

Hit the Coast

Smooth. Just really fucking smooth. That’s pretty much every Future Islands song, but this one hits all the right buttons for me lately. A somber combination of calm yet catchy vibes that help you escape even the most tedious thoughts that plague your day to day monotony.

Sneaker Pimps

6 Underground

A flashback to a time where this song seemingly made its way onto every 90s soundtrack. I was definitely not as into this song back then as I am today, but I am glad it eventually found a home in my playlist. Those nostalgia vibes can be the best medicine when your soul calls for it.

Daft Punk

The Game of Love

This is peak sound engineering, & it would benefit you oh so much to listen on the highest quality system you have. Music often shines with subtleties, & there is no shortage of subtleties here that add up for one magical musical moment.


Klap Ya Handz

The stank face. Either you know it, or you don’t. If you do, then you know this shit will bring it on full scale. I can’t say enough about how hip-hop from this era stands head & shoulders above anything else recorded today. The amount of syncopation, sampling, & straight up brilliant lyrical seasoning here is unmatched.


Phantoms Can’t Hang

Once this song hits the middle section with those haunting chants layered over luscious synth strings, you are immediately transported into a realm that transcends the one we get so painfully used to day in and day out.

Lady Gaga


Such a strong dance track. Her voice is just as confident as her bizarre style, & that’s why she has risen to the level she’s at today. Talk shit as much as you want for a metal head to love pop music, but consider how fucking stupid it is to tell someone else what makes them move is right or wrong.

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