Surviving a pandemic without music to keep my sanity in check would be near impossible. Thankfully, this past year I’ve let my genre-bashing love of all tunes reign free. Here are a few tracks that keep finding their way into my pandemic playlist.



Such a catchy guitar riff from a band that never fails to find fresh ways to reinvigorate their fanbase.

Mazzy Star

Ghost Highway

The song that shocked me into finding out this band was far from just a 90s one hit wonder.

Steffano Torossi

Running Fast

Quite possibly the most played song in my car while cruising the winding backroads of New England.

Weather Report

Black Market

It’s never too late to find life changing inspiration as a musician, and this band succeeded in blowing my collective mind.

Tommy Berre

Gathering Leaves

Much like life itself, music is all about balance. Without soft and subtle pieces like this to contrast all the loud and heavy stuff, there is no balance.

Alexis Ffrench


Another soft and subtle piece of music that reminds me why simplicity can often create more layers of emotion than a full band playing at full volume.

Bob Segar

Still the Same

Such a classic song from a guy who wrote some of the best vocal melodies in the business.

Celtic Frost

A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh

A song just as devilishly dramatic as the musicians who play it.



Adam Jones has long been a major influence on my guitar playing, and this song continues his tradition of contorting my brain into musical shapes I’ve never experienced before.

David Bowie

Soul Love

It takes a daring soul to break free from the crowd and put yourself on display with such bold confidence. Bowie’s contributions to the world of music will live long beyond the years of many who try to capture the same lightning in a bottle.

Al Martino

Take My Heart

Old music has a special place in my heart, and I always love when a song can take me away to a time beyond that which Im familiar with.

Soul Asylum


Nothing like a bit of 90s rock to sooth my inner angst-ridden soul that was raised on this stuff, and those opening lyrics? Come on, you can’t beat that clever 90s wit.



A horribly addicting song by an artist who represents the future while using tools from the past.

Wu Tang

A Better Tomorrow

Like many of their tracks, their words resonate beyond their years and seem to find a place throughout every major shift in society.


It’s Oh So Quiet

One of my favorite artists with a bat-shit crazy attitude that shines like the brightest star in the darkest sky. I will never get sick of this song and its ability to kick me in the ass every time I listen.

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