Time to hop on the old broom, dose up on pumpkin spice, and cruise to some creepy tunes courtesy of yet another spooky season that has FALLen upon us. All horrible jokes aside, this is such a beautiful time of year where the whole world seemingly sheds their skin to embrace all things hallowed and horrific. I could not be more at peace, so to celebrate, let’s dive right into a few classics that always make their way into my playlist this time of year!

Cradle of Filth

Necromantic Fantasies

While I will admit I haven’t been the biggest fan of their later material, Cradle has lured me back in with this one. That main riff is just so damn intoxicating, it reminds me of something you’d hear on an old Hammer horror film.


Capricorn at Her Feet

There are few moments in music where I listen, and time stops. At around 4:15 in this song, once that keyboard riff hits, time stops for me. It’s something so simple, yet extracts such emotion out of me every time I hear it. I can close my eyes and imagine the leaves rustling around my feet each time those notes hit my ears.

My Dying Bride

For You

No one does brooding quite like these guys, and boy do you feel it come through on this track. It’s enough to break even the moodiest of goths down to their fake leather clad knees whilst weeping in a nearby cemetery. Yet another example of how well paired a heavy guitar is with a baritone voice to bellow over it.


Ghost of Perdition

Not only is this a champion of horrifically heavy proportions, but this song could easily stand as one of the greatest metal songs ever pieced together. It’s like a buffet of everything you’d want on your metal plate. From searing lead guitar solos, to somber acoustic guitars. Opeth rarely leaves listeners wanting more, but this is just a sublime example of how immaculate their talents are.



Don’t let the instrumentals slip through the cracks! Of course you could easily choose dozens of Ghost songs that would fit perfectly here, but this haunting track flaps all the bat wings when it comes to chilling your spine.

Iron Maiden

Fear of the Dark

Yes, Opeth is one of the most talented listed here, Cradle of Filth can scare the pants off anyone holding a cross, but Maiden is the one band where you are always going to reach for the volume. After the calm clean guitar soothes its way into your soul, that volume knob is going to get cranked harder than any Saw trap you could imagine.

Klaus Schulze

Last Not Least

You might know him from one of the SIXTY FUCKING ALBUMS he released in his long and storied career, but this one in particular shines the brightest on my spooky soul. The synth vibes are palpable here, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone with such a legendary legacy left behind.

The Cure


I can remember it like it was yesterday, when I first held the CD soundtrack of The Crow in my scrawny little skeleton hands. Listening in awe of all the amazing bands compiled into one album, with song after song making such an impact on face painting fans all across the globe. The Cure has a back catalog that is worthy of just about any playlist I could come up with, but this banger always finds its way into my heavy heart every October.

Type O Negative

Who Will Save the Sane?

Let’s be real, I have the whole damn Type O Negative discography in my Fall playlist. All of it. Even the silent and silly tracks. It’s just a matter of which one do I want to list here, and this one happens to be getting the most airplay around the house for whatever reason.

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