It’s been a while since I’ve made an updated post about what I’ve been listening to lately, so let’s dive straight into the music thats been saving this twisted brain from embracing full on insanity!



Doing a search for Jesu might become a pain in the ass due to all the Jesus results popping up, but once you find them you’ll be ready to slip into their warm bath of somber soundscapes. The guitars are like a delightful yet depressing blanket of dreary goodness. Unfortunately, I can’t take it in large doses, and this music has to be heard infrequently so as to avoid sinking into a never-ending pit of despair.


Deep Calleth Upon Deep

There’s been a lot of chatter surrounding the new album from Norway’s finest blend of black metal and rock music. I tend to love the lack of production on Satyricon records, as I find it adds unique character to an expanding group of metal bands who obsessively release album after album using the same tired production techniques we have all heard over and over again. Deep Calleth Upon Deep is a breath of fresh, cold, bitter, and blissfully beautiful Norwegian air.

Chelsea Wolfe

16 Psyche

The metal world is currently drowning in a deep love affair for the new Chelsea Wolfe record. Now before someone gets their horns in a bind to disagree with me, take a listen to this track before making any judgement. The guitars are thick enough to satisfy even the most stubborn of doom fans, thanks in part to the wonderful production by Ben Chisholm and the amazing studio provided by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou. If you have any semblance of darkness in your heart, this record deserves a listen!


Time Moves Slowly

Did you ever catch the Letterman appearance of Future Islands with that strange head bobbing frontman? If so, chances are you ended up on a similar path such as myself when you became obsessed with finding out who this guy is. My search eventually led me to this band, Badbadnotgood, which interprets hip-hop in a refreshingly genius way that’s easy on the ears yet hard on the soul. Time Moves Slowly features the Future Islands frontman, but dig a bit deeper and find more collaborations with artists like Ghostface Killah, and you’ll see why this band is so bad, in a very good way.

Magic Sword

In The Face Of Evil

I don’t know what it is about Idaho bands and wearing masks, but whatever deals they’re making with demons over there in potato country, they seem to be working. Magic Sword is a one of a kind synth driven retro sounding band who I was first introduced to via the Thor Ragnarok movie trailer. After diving into their catalog, I was pleasantly surprised with enough synth goodness to keep a fan like me satisfied throughout the next wave of 80s inspired music that’s headed our way.

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