They are some of the most bad ass movie characters ever created, and now we get a first hand look at what would happen if these blood soaked legends fronted a heavy metal band. Thankfully there is no shortage of sub genres within the metal realm, so lets take a close look at which genre would suit these psychotic slashers.

Jason Voorhees

Death Metal

He’s got the size and intimidation factor going for him, and looks like he could join Cannibal Corpse on stage and fit like a bloody glove. Something also tells me theres quite a death growl building in those deteriorating vocal chords hidden behind that hockey mask.


Black Metal

Its no shocker here that our favorite leather clad sadist would be an amazing front man for the one genre who’s fashion requirements take a page straight from the Cenobites closet. He’s even dabbled in the genre several times by doing a guest spot on several Cradle of Filth records.

Freddy Krueger

Thrash Metal

The charismatic Springwood Slasher has a perfect mix of sadistic sarcasm and terrifying threats to be the perfect thrash metal frontman. I imagine his vocal style would be similar to Dave Mustaine, where his sarcastic statements could easily glorify the intensity of the song at hand.

Michael Myers

Doom Metal

His silence is matched only by his demented intensity, and would be the perfect accent to droning guitars with depressing sludge riffs. Some of the moaning we hear from behind his mask even rivals doom legends Anathema’s earliest records.



He doesn’t play games with his victims, and gets straight to the killing. A true characteristic of the grindcore genre where songs are short, straight to the point, and even resemble the sound of a chainsaw in some cases.

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