Studio Update – January 2019

Old logs, dark sounds, and creepy crunchy guitars. Take a first look and listen at where the next Autumns Eyes album is headed in 2019.

Open Your Eyes, Not Your Wrists

Music video for the track “Open Your Eyes, Not Your Wrists” from the album “Ending Life Slowly” by Autumns Eyes.

Studio Update – June 2017

A look behind the scenes of the upcoming album “Ending Life Slowly” from solo metal band Autumns Eyes.

Feast of the Dead

The first music video from solo metal band Autumns Eyes, from the 2008 album Surrender the Fire.

Love You to Death

As an homage to the late great icon of doom and gloom, Peter Steele, solo metal band Autumns Eyes covers the Type O Negative classic Love You to Death from the groundbreaking album October Rust.

Greedy Demon Parasites – Driller Killer Video

Solo metal band Autumns Eyes serves up a helping handful of heavy metal and halloween inspired riffs combined with footage from the gorey and controversial 1979 horror movie, Driller Killer.

Autumns Eyes YouTube Channel

Craving more videos from your favorite Halloween inspired metal band? Check out the Autumns Eyes YouTube Channel for more demented eye candy.

Autumns Eyes YouTube Channel