As an avid television fan, it was always exciting when shows would embrace the spooky season by releasing a Halloween themed episode. These are just a few of my favorite shows who have done the best job at capturing the Halloween spirit.

The Simpsons

The Treehouse of Horror series is arguably one of the best Halloween themed animated specials of all time. While there are plenty of seasons to choose from, I prefer anything between seasons two and eight.


Many considered Roseanne to be the queen of Halloween back in the day, and if you watch any of the Halloween episodes you’ll see why.

Home Improvement

Another classic nineties show that always did a great job with campy decorations, creepy plots, and corny comedy.

The Cosby Show

I always remember watching the Cosby show as a kid, and there was nothing funnier than Bill Cosby pulling some Halloween pranks on the Huxtable children.

The Office

Even though there were a few Debbie Downers at Dunder Mifflin, they still gave it their all when it came time to dress up and celebrate Halloween.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David is one of my favorite comedy writers of all time, and he totally nailed it with this observation on those trick or treaters who seem just a little too old and snobby to be at your door.

South Park

You can always count on South Park for a ton of laughs paired with enough gross out gags to split your sides open.

My So Called Life

This is an underrated pick, as most people aren’t familiar with this nineties cult hit. Despite its shortcomings, the show does a solid job with a spooky Halloween themed episode.

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