It’s that time of year again, and for many of us that means digging out another idea for a costume. Some will use it as their official trick or treating uniform, while others will be miserably forced into attending a costume party. Regardless of what you will be using your costume for, the idea itself can sometimes be challenging. Thankfully there are a few tried and true Halloween costumes which can always get you through the hallowed holiday. These are just a few of the most popular ones you are bound to see every Halloween.

The Witch

Go into any grocery or drug store during the Halloween season and you are bound to see some giant pointed hats. Some like to go all out and use makeup to apply a fake nose, while others just opt for the hat and broom variation.


The Devil

Make your dark lord and master proud by donning his signature horned pitchfork look. While nobody has actually seen the devil in the flesh, the best we could do was a red guy with horns, a tail, and a sleazy goatee.


The Skeleton

Isn’t it strange how so many people love to dress inside out for Halloween? Wearing the classic skeleton costume is technically more revealing than any sexy slutty costume.


The Ghost

Its probably the easiest one of the bunch, with nothing more than a cheap bed sheet required to pull off this signature look.


The Bum

Almost as easy as the ghost costume, the bum outfit only requires some ratty looking clothes and a burned cork to give you that classic five o’clock shadow.


The Superhero

Back in the 70s it was a thin plastic mask with nothing more than a rubber band held on by a loose staple holding it together. Today the superhero mask has come a long way, but still not quite movie quality.


The Homemade Disaster

It happens to many of us. Your mother insists on making your costume in a defiant stance against outrageous store bought prices. Unfortunately this route almost always results in laughter and finger pointing.


The Slut

Nothing is more played out on Halloween these days than the tried and true slut costume. I think this subject is best explained by Dave Chappelle.

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