For a few years now, whenever October rolls around, my friend Greg and I discuss our top ten Type O Negative songs. The list changes every year, and each song sparks a specific emotion or memory for us. Instead of keeping my list hidden beneath a chain of bickering emails, I decided to share it with everyone out there who has some time to kill. Its also a great place to start if you’re building an autumn inspired playlist. So without further adieu, here are my top ten Type O Negative songs that are sure to set your soul on fire this Fall!

Bloody Kisses (A Death in the Family)

The piano lead in this song makes me feel like Im sitting in my basement room as a teenager, incense lit, drinking coffee, and having nothing to do but figure out what forest Im going to explore that day.

Dead Again

Its a song that carried me into adulthood and reminds me of how lucky I am to still be here after so many seasons abusing my brain cells.

12 Black Rainbows

I remember getting the “least-worst-of” album that Type O was contracted to release, and thinking it was just going to be another crappy radio-friendly “best-of” song collection. This was the first track I skipped to, having not recognized its title, and was blown away from the opening riff onward.


Its a song Peter wrote for his mother, and without getting too sappy or personal, its comforting to hear during a time when my own mother is going through some pretty heavy shit.


I often experience times of desolate reflection during the Fall season, and a song like this is such a perfect compliment for those times when life could poke you with a thousand needles and yet you’d still be numb to the touch.

In Praise of Bacchus

It reminds me of the days when lusting over females came hand in hand with the turning of the leaves. Something about the season brought out the devil in me, and Id always be on the prowl for a female who wanted that devil inside of her.

Green Man

This track is what Id always listen to whilst roaming around the woods with headphones on. The only other sound I could hear was the leaves crunching and swooshing under my feet, and I was completely at peace.

Gravitational Constant

Sparing the longer version of this songs title, I’ll just cut to the chase and say the harmonies here are hauntingly good. This is back when Type O had a lot of unquenched anger. Combine that with a lush overlay of gothic overtones, and you’ve got a match made in hallowed hell.

Who Will Save the Sane?

About halfway through the song it goes into this great vocal melody with a reverse reverb effect bathing Peter’s voice. Its pure pleasure for my ears, and the subtle guitar accents in the background only heighten the level of sonic bliss.

World Coming Down

What can I say about this song that hasn’t already been expressed by numerous years of agonizing self loathing? Its one of those tracks I consider to be so good, it hurts.

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