While Im not the biggest gamer today, I can definitely admit to having an addiction early on in my childhood. The majority of games I played were on the NES, Genesis, Super Nintendo, and even an Amiga computer at times. Being a horror movie fan it was always a treat to have a game that followed one of the classic films from the genre. Some of them were absolutely awful, while others proved to be a real challenge. So turn off the lights and prepare not to be frightened one bit because these really are extremely corny, but here are my top ten horror movie video games nonetheless!

Friday the 13th

The music was annoying at first, but soon became intoxicating as you wandered aimlessly around the woods trying to find the hockey masked murderer.

The Evil Dead

During a time when first person horror games like Resident Evil were dominating the market, it was nice to see the Evil Dead storyline in this type of game.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy was always toe to toe with Jason in the movie world, but unfortunately he was a huge flop when it came to the video game realm.

Bram Stokers Dracula

Surprisingly this game had some pretty decent visuals, but failed in most other departments.

The Thing

While the game wasn’t much of a success, the idea of following such an amazing horror film was definitely promising.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

What could possibly go wrong having a game where you play as Leatherface? Well for starters how about having a health bar for the fuel level of your chainsaw.


The graphics for this game are simply and utterly confusing, not to mention the furthest thing from scary you could possibly imagine.

The Blair Witch Project

If you’re expecting the same creepy atmosphere as the original movie in this game, you should run faster than girl who spewed snot from her nose all over the camera lens.

Fright Night

The one thing I absolutely love about this game is the music, its corny but has a creepy vibe that I wouldn’t mind putting into my own music today.


What’s sad about this game is if you’re an actual exterminator in real life, the game is just another boring day at the office.

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