Its no question that Pantera happens to be one of the heaviest bands in metal history, and when they were on their game, there was no touching them. They were absolute masters of metal, and completely dominated every aspect of the genre. Whether it was live shows, or studio albums, they always dropped jaws and pounded skulls across the globe. With such an immense array of solid material under their belt, it may be difficult to pinpoint Pantera’s best songs. We can, however, feature ten of what many consider to be the heaviest riffs they ever put together.

Primal Concrete Sledge

This riff captures the essence of a Pantera breakdown, its got a snap triggered by the drums which lets you know shit’s about to go down, and the riff builds into their signature heavy assault on the senses.


Its almost undeniable that this might as well be the heaviest riff ever written, as typically necks are easily broken while listening to it at loud volumes.

The Badge

This is an often overlooked song which was originally written by the band Poison Idea, and covered by Pantera for The Crow motion picture soundtrack.


If you ever want to get absolutely wasted with your friends, put on this track at full volume and start serving up Black Tooth Grins.


This is a great example of the chemistry both Vinnie and Dime have perfected over the years, with a drum part thats just as blistering as the guitars.

I’m Broken

This riff should always be approached with extreme caution, as it never ceases to give people the urge to destroy something.


Despite many troubles surrounding the recording of this album, it certainly didn’t skimp out on brilliant guitar work like we hear on this mind blowing solo.

Revolution Is My Name

We are all well aware of the phrase “More Cowbell“, but the statement was never answered with such extreme intensity as delivered here by Mr. Vinnie Paul.

A New Level

The best part about this riff was seeing Dimebag perform his signature crab walk live on stage, and no other riff matched that moves intensity as it does here.

By Demons Be Driven

Dime is known for making his guitar scream at high pitch volumes, but he’s never quite captured the lower range sound of skin splitting as he does with this classic riff.

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