When a typical metal band goes to record an album, they immediately enter the studio with preconceived ideas of how they will be louder and heavier than any other band, and that mentality ends up limiting their creativity in the end. They spend more time trying to compete with other bands, rather than explore what they might have to offer as individuals. There are plenty of copycat bands out there today, but these are just a few who stick out from the crowd as individuals with a sound all their own.


They have an enormously huge sound, and they are extremely good song writers. When you listen to their records, the sonic elements may come off as muddy and saturated, but their arrangements are crystal clear. Its a very unique blend of both sludge and precision that compliment each other quite well.


Mastodon started turning heads early on in their career with tracks like “March of the Fire Ants”, which at the time seemed like just another down tuned band to some. What’s interesting is how much respect they garnered after each album, and how each of those records kept getting better and better. Their sound developed right in front of us, and has led them to become one of the most powerfully melodic metal bands of all time.

High On Fire

There is something amazingly primal about these guys that draws you in more and more with each listen. You can sense right off the bat that they have no interest in flexing their talent muscle like a lot of bands do both on stage and in the studio, but rather just try to rip the listeners face off with every note they play.


Something I will never forget in reading about Meshuggah’s storied history as one of the heaviest bands of all time, is how so many other metal bands fear sharing the stage with them. Ive heard everyone from Dream Theater to Opeth talk about how its impossible to play a show with Meshuggah and come off just as heavy or intimidating to the audience. They are masters at what they do, and there’s simply no denying how insanely heavy they are.


Many people have rightfully described Neurosis as more of an experience than just an ordinary band, and for good reason. Their songs reflect an amount of raw emotion that you will not find in any other band out there today. Whats truly amazing here is, unlike most bands, its not about what notes they play, but what notes they don’t play. The music breathes and almost seems to take on a life of its own every time they pick up their instruments.

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