Hair of black, eyes of grey. That was the first line to a song I wrote thirteen years ago titled Creepygirl. I had always garnered a certain romantic appreciation for the likes of actresses such as Christina Ricci and Fairuza Balk, so it was only a natural progression to have a song come to life about someone much like these sultry starlets. The song began with that one line mentioned above, and soon took on a life of it’s own. Little did I know the fictional lyrics about a goth girl with grey eyes and black hair would soon literally take on a life of it’s own.

I was living in Boston at the time, and had the recording itch soon after I discovered how to record songs on the computer with more than just the standard four tracks I was used to working with on analog tape. Guitar and keyboard riffs would flow out of me like a running faucet, but rarely did a vocal melody spark my creativity as potently as it did here.

Later that day after writing the song I started my shift at a local gourmet deli which was oddly placed inside of a high end liquor store. I noticed someone approaching the counter, and given my horrible vision, I couldn’t quite get a good look. It soon became clear who was standing in front of me looking deep into my eyes. A female around my age, with hair black as night, and eyes that were filled with pools of hypnotic grey color.


I stood there absolutely stunned as this girl started to look puzzled, and somehow my brain figured out how to communicate with my mouth as I spewed the words “May I help you?” out of my clumsy face. She hadn’t much to say other than the fact she was looking for a job and wanted an application, and who was I to deny her that? I humbly accepted her request and handed what I believe was a job application, but very well could have been a used napkin given my current state of shock. The girl thanked me and exited the store immediately, to which I turned to the store manager and repeatedly voiced my official endorsement of her becoming an employee.

Now I understand you will all take this story with a grain of salt, but I remember it clear as crystal. As if the day couldn’t get any more peculiar, hours later, yet another girl with black hair and grey eyes entered the store. The identical goth girl was there for the same exact reason, seeking employment. At this point I was under the impression someone was playing a cruel joke on me, and when it was time for my break I walked up and down the streets in search of a familiar face who may have been pulling this brilliantly schemed prank, but alas there was no one.

Eventually the time came to hire a few new workers, and neither of the girls were even considered for whatever reason. That didn’t matter much to me at all, as what truly made the most impact on my life were the events that transpired soon after I wrote a simple little song about a goth girl with grey eyes and black hair. The whole process of events that occurred gave me an inexplicably creepy feeling down my spine, which then made it clear what I had to name the song.

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