Ending Life Slowly Review by Terra Relicta

Ending Life Slowly is absolutely one of the best if not the best gothic metal album released in 2017, and if there’s still somebody who thinks that a good gothic metal is a thing of the past than he/she must give a listen to this magnificient album.

The Metal Crypt Reviews Ending Life Slowly

Dan Mitchell has produced a work that is deeply evocative of albums like October Rust – unquestionably Type O’s best work – and thus steps entirely out of anything that could be called Death Metal to produce a definitive Gothic album.

Gear Gods RIGGED: Autumns Eyes

Autumns Eyes is a one-man band, and that one man in Daniel Mitchell, and in this episode of Rigged, he takes us on a tour of his studio gear and guitar collection, used to record his new album Ending Life Slowly, out now.

GBHBL Reviews Ending Life Slowly

Ending Life Slowly is an album well worth checking out, the variation in styles & sounds doesn’t over-shadow what is a thrilling blend of melodic metal, gothic tone & some industrial elements.

Interviewing Autumns Eyes Slowly: A Conversation With Dan Mitchell

I definitely left my apartment and flew back to my home state to grill the band’s only member, Dan Mitchell, about the present, the past and the future. The conversation below totally took place over a resplendent dinner of turkey club sandwiches and boxed Shiraz and was in no part conducted via e-mail.

Horror Freak News Guest Post

We’re pleased to bring you the following guest post, penned by Daniel Mitchell, frontman of the Halloween-themed heavy metal band Autumns Eyes. Find links to the band’s album, Ending Life Slowly, which just dropped on October 31st.

GBHBL Exclusive Track Premiere – Your Last Day

Just in time for Halloween, melodic metal outfit Autumns Eyes returns with latest opus Ending Life Slowly, which ruminates on the darker and more macabre aspects of human existence.

No Clean Singing Exclusive Track Premiere – Open Your Eyes, Not Your Wrists

Rather than a depressive track, “Open Your Eyes, Not Your Wrists” surges with energy right from the start, with spectral keyboard notes bouncing over a rocking backbeat and a jabbing riff.

Daily Dead Exclusive Cover Reveal

Every fall she dies, only to be resurrected in the spring. The seasonal cycle of Mother Nature is a beautiful thing to behold, but perhaps most gorgeous—and haunting—is the time of year when her leaves crunch underfoot and the nights grow longer.

Autumns Eyes Named Best Band In Connecticut

Autumn’s Eyes was just the band we needed to add some variety to our hunt for the best unsigned band in the US.

The Metal Crypt Reviews Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets

Listening to Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets is like listening to the coolest Gothic/Power Metal horror movie soundtrack you’ll ever hear.

MetalUnderground.com Reviews Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets

Taking music written a decade back, sole member Dan Mitchell has re-recorded five previously unreleased songs with the knowledge and experience of 10 years in the metal scene.

Ultimate Metal Reviews Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets

Those familiar with Autumns Eyes are well acquainted with the fact that sole member Dan Mitchell wears his passion for the season surrounding All Hallows Eve on his sleeve.

Metal Reviews: Please Deceive Me

Any band can take Dracula and throw metal behind it (see Iced Earth’s excellent Horror Show), but to create a metal album that leans more on the atmospheric side supported by conservative yet accomplished riff work and stellar lyrical content, conveyed in a crisp clean voice that is both soothing and sinister? That is currently the realm of Autumns Eyes.

Brutalism Reviews Please Deceive Me

For those who have followed the one man act known as Autumns Eyes from the U.S., they may be surprised to hear that Dan- singer, instrumentalist, composer- has changed things up quite a bit for this special Halloween release.

The Metal Crypt Reviews Please Deceive Me

It blows away most of the Gothic Metal albums out there today. It isn’t often I get to hear something different on my journey as a reviewer and when I do “different” usually equals “crap.” Not so with Please Deceive Me from Autumns Eyes. You can color me highly impressed.

Please Deceive Me Reviewed by Metal Underground

The long wait is finally over, so fans can get ready to inject a new dose of Danny Elfman-meets-symphonic metal directly into their ear drums and continue to be blown away by the ever evolving sound that is Autumns Eyes.

EQ Magazine Feature

EQ Magazine published a small feature on Beneath the Woods Design and Recording Studio. The Connecticut based studio is where Dan produces all the sights and sounds behind Autumns Eyes.

MetalUnderground.com Reviews Abandoned Expression

Abandoned Expression’ is an album that not only effortlessly breaks genre boundaries, but also legitimately earns that often overused title of ‘progressive.

The Metal Crypt

Surrender the Fire is well executed and accomplishes its goal of being creepy and evil. The melodic aspects make it a great jumping off point for people like me, who listen mainly to Power Metal, to explore some of the other genres of metal and to discover a larger world of music.

Metal Rules

The presentation of the whole thing is slick and professional, especially in comparison to what other more established acts are offering up.


Dan, the man behind this project, launched his newest release to unleash the flames of hell and last but not least for you listening pleasure. This well produced MCD contains about 28 minutes of symphonic and melodic Black Metal with a few keyboard passages.


Surrender The Fire is an amazing symphonic black metal composition that was clearly scrutinized over and carefully arranged so that each sound went in exactly the place it was meant to go.

Epic Fu

I’m not much of a headbanger, but how can you not love a low-budget, fun, slasher video with an insane death metal track?

Autumns Eyes Chats About Upcoming EP

As we near the release date, Dan got in touch with Metalunderground to chat about “Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets,” along with a nerdly talk about upcoming epic movies, anthology horror flicks, and movie scores.

Autumns Eyes Interview With MetalUnderground.com

MetalUnderground.com interviews the Halloween headbanger behind solo metal band Autumns Eyes, where we get a personal insight on the loss of Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele and the impact he had on heavy metal.

Ultimate Metal

The ever so vast, atmospherically enthralling solo act Autumns Eyes has been thriving under the sole watch of Dan Mitchell for the past decade. Anyone familiar with the project is aware of the unique electrically charged tone underlying its entire discography while musically extending over a large array of genres. I decided to dive into the mind of this project with his new release approaching us.

MetalUnderground.com Interview

New England one man band Autumns Eyes has recently started offering five albums for free download in celebration of the band’s 10th anniversary. The project also recently shot a music video for the song “Feast of the Dead” in a classic slasher movie style. Autumns Eyes mastermind Dan spoke with me about the band’s recent activity and his take on the horror movie genre.

The Metal Crypt

The reception for Please Deceive Me has been overall a quite positive response, and has opened up doors for fans both old and new. I wanted to provide an album that was different from what people have been hearing today in the metal community, and judging by the responses it’s gotten I’d say mission accomplished.