After a few years of intense creative labor, releasing a new album, and taking a long break, I’ve decided to ease back into the music world like a beached whale sliding back into the sea. Making an album is a fun experience, but it does tend to fill the brain with an overabundance of perplexity. Taking a few months off and unplugging from the world is just an attempt at giving life some much needed room to breathe. There’s been plenty of great moments wedging themselves into my frigid little world here in Connecticut, many of which are shaping the very foundation of what I do and who I am.

Back when I first started planning the release of Ending Life Slowly, I made a proposal to my girlfriend of twelve years. I proposed many things. I proposed we get married, I proposed that I release a new album, and I proposed they both happen in the same month. How stressful could it be to plan a wedding and an album release at the same time? It’s October after-all, the greatest month ever! Fast forward to November, and witness my cold lifeless body sprawled out on the couch basking in the first five minutes of silence I’ve enjoyed in what seemed like ages.

After the hype died down, December ran its icy fingers down my grumpy face, and slapped me with the biggest surprise Ive ever experienced in my life. I generally hate celebrating my birthday, to the point where everyone knows not to make a big deal about it. My wife, on the other hand, she loves a good surprise. So as I proceed to open the gifts she gave me that night, I find a box. I open the box to reveal a piece of paper that says “Coming, Summer 2018” followed by another sheet of paper that says “The adventure of a lifetime!”…followed by a book.

Coming right off the excitement of seeing the new Star Wars movie, I see that she got me a children’s book about Chewie and the Porgs from The Last Jedi. To say my reaction was one of confused curiosity would be an understatement, but my wife instructed me to open the book. That’s when my face dropped like a log, as I saw a note that said “You’re going to be a great Dad!” along with two concert tickets she made to the viewing of our ultrasound appointment to see our first child together. Needless to say, I was a blubbering mess of tears, smiles, laughter, and the most excitement I had ever felt in my entire life.

Fast forward to today, and we are expecting a healthy baby boy this July, and we could not be more excited. Of course this opened up a whole new chapter in my strange and unusual life. One that Im looking forward to more than anything Ive ever experienced. So where does that leave the music in my life? Does this mean I’m only going to be writing sing-a-long albums about sunshine and rainbows? Absolutely! Im here to announce that Autumns Eyes will no longer focus on the darker side of creativity, and instead will be…okay yeah no thats just gross.

Theres always a bit of malevolence in the air, and for me to avoid making music inspired by said malevolence would be an injustice to all the twisted little black hearts that love to listen. I had some things planned for the second half of the Ending Life Slowly marketing campaign, but upon reflection, they just seemed a bit too stale. A music video was being shot, but it wasn’t anything of value. I owe it to myself and the people who have supported Autumns Eyes, to create something with more depth. Something that stands up to the music, and compliments it, rather than detracts from it.

Studio 2018

There are also some new shirts being created, and going through a new manufacturer this time around. They will be printed by the same company who does the amazingly bad-ass prints for Fright Rags. Artwork for the shirts was created by Sorrow Grips, the same artist who did the stunning cover art for Ending Life Slowly. We worked on this idea together in order to bring fans a truly awesome design that had never been done before on any piece of Autumns Eyes merchandise. Unfortunately it does cost a pretty penny to produce, so once that is ready to go, you can rest assure I’ll be promoting the hell out of it. Not just to recoup the cost, but because Im genuinely thrilled to share this dreadfully beautiful artwork.

Hopefully this selfishly indulgent update hasn’t been too much of a bore, but at least some of you may be able to share in some of the excitement for whats to come. I haven’t lost an ounce of motivation, and the ideas for more musical madness keep piling up in my brain like bones in a graveyard. Now that Ive had time to decompress, I will start diving back into social media as well. So if you’re in search of more details, stay connected to Autumns Eyes on both Twitter and Instagram. As always, thank you all for the support!

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