What Is Autumns Eyes?

Autumns Eyes is a one man metal band inspired by Halloween and Horror Movies. The band started back in 1999 as a sadistic hobby, and later developed into a full time project run by its charismatically creepy creator from Connecticut, Daniel Mitchell.

What Kind of Music Is It?

Imagine if Tim Burton and Danny Elfman started a metal band.

What Bands Can You Compare Autumns Eyes To?

Type O Negative, Dream Theater, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, In Flames, Moonspell, Danny Elfman, etc…

I Hate Metal. Will I Still Like Autumns Eyes?

There are many songs by Autumns Eyes which could easily be confused as weather channel music. So the sound is quite expansive beyond the “metal” category.

What Songs Should I Check Out First?

Here are a couple songs which give a taste of the diversity found in Autumns Eyes music.

Where Can I Buy Autumns Eyes Music?

Aside from the big retailers like iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify, you can purchase all Autumns Eyes music by visiting the music page here or at autumnseves.com

How Can I Interact With Autumns Eyes?

For any type of social media interaction, check out Autumns Eyes on Instagram, and Twitter. To contact Autumns Eyes directly, visit the contact page here or shoot an email to dan@autumnseyes.com

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