AUTUMNS EYES, the gothic metal one-man outfit helmed by Daniel Mitchell, is pleased to share the first offering from the band’s upcoming studio album. The new song, “Follow the Embers”, is accompanied by a music video and comes off the new full-length, ‘Grimoire of Oak & Shadow’, which will be released in January 2024. With more than two decades of creative passion and meditations on horror/the occult as the foundation, Autumns Eyes celebrates the ilk of brooding and unvarnished luminaries.

Commenting on “Follow the Embers”, Mitchell shares:

“We are only as good as what we surround ourselves with, but how do we reconcile our trajectory in life when some of those things turn abrasive? It’s never easy to let go of what you’ve grown so accustomed to, but many times it’s out of sheer necessity, so as to ensure sanity and stability. Follow the Embers channels those thoughts, and reminds us that no matter how difficult it may be to let those things go, it won’t be nearly as difficult as letting them stay.”

Autumns Eyes - Grimoire of Oak & Shadow - Album Art

Grimoire of Oak & Shadow – Track Listing

1. Flesh Into Fire
2. Let the Fear Find You
3. Betwixt Wind & Water
4. Late to Live, Early to Die
5. Days of Arrogance
6. Violation of Light
7. Follow the Embers
8. Seclusion Delusion
9. Faith in Cycles
10. Warmth of the Woods
11. Sorrow & Sunlight

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