Its extremely difficult to make a good horror movie that can actually leave a long lasting impression on the audience. Unfortunately, many of the modern horror movies tend to rely on trends that may have worked in the past, but have become nothing more than cheap parlor tricks for todays market. These are just a handful of horror movie cliches which plague the majority of movies made in the past decade or so.

Trapped and Helpless

Films that feature trapped and helpless victims often take the audience for granted, and expect them to believe there’s absolutely no way out of something like an ATM booth with several people going up against one psychopath.

Found Footage

By now you would think the entire world films everything and carries cheap cameras around everywhere they go. At least thats what life is like in Paranormal Activity land, where homeowners make reality television camera crews look like Steven Spielberg.

The Jump Scare

Back in the glory days of horror movies, a good jump scare could make the movie that much better. However, with todays over saturated horror market, old tactics like this have become extremely played out.

Fast Cut Editing

Theres nothing more headache inducing than a modern horror movie taking advantage of the horrendously trendy super fast paced editing technique. We first started seeing this ridiculous trend emerge with the Saw movies, but now its become standard practice.


Again, back in the old days of horror, it was actually creepy to see an inbred family taking advantage of a young helpless victim. Though to nobodies surprise, modern horror movies have figured out a way to suck the scares right out of this theme, and make it laughable.

Shitty Remakes

Everyone is aware that Hollywood needs more original ideas, but the horror genre suffers more than any other. What’s the latest piece of shit to cross our path? How about this insanely corny looking trailer for Carrie, which features a lead actress who’s no more creepy than a cardboard box.

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