In order to prevent myself from feeling like an old man, I’ll refrain from the discussion about how videos were sparse back in the day when there was no internet. During my younger years much time was spent watching MTV when they actually played music videos. Not only that, but they had a few shows dedicated to heavy metal music videos, most notably Headbangers Ball and 120 Minutes.

They were often on late at night, so it was a struggle to watch them without getting caught by the wardens (Mom and Dad). Whenever I was lucky enough to catch these shows, it was a moment of pure bliss as my eyes widened at the sight of pure heavy metal malevolence. These are a few of the more memorable metal music videos that seeped into my skull at a young age, thus planting the seed for things to come.



Its iconic color scheme added so much to the overall visual appeal, but it was the cut scenes from an old movie titled Johnny Got His Gun which added that extra level of bizarre fear to the video.

Morbid Angel

God of Emptiness

I remember catching this video for the first time with my friend Nick who shared a similar love for all things heavy at the time. This was one of our first forays into death metal, and we certainly reveled in all its gruesome glory.


Dream Warriors

My brother was a huge 80s hair metal fan, and occasionally it would rub off on me no matter how hard I tried to ignore it. Being such a fan of the Nightmare On Elm Street series, it was almost impossible to avoid this video which appeared on the third films soundtrack.


Sweating Bullets

This was one of many songs at the time which strived to capture the same sonic qualities of Metallica’s One, but fortunately they didn’t try to rip off the video as well. This was one of Megadeth’s best entires into the music video realm, and a great exposé into the psyche of one of heavy metals biggest egos.



My father is to thank for this entry since it was his love for all things AC/DC which got me hooked on this song. When I first witnessed the video, I was in awe of the spectacle where thousands of fans circled this legendary band in what looked like some sort of dystopian Mad Max setting.



Tool was always very much respected by everyone around the time this song made its way to our ears, but the video was what made people go ballistic about this peculiar band who’s faces we never actually saw.

White Zombie

Thunder Kiss 65

They were heavy, rude, catchy, and had a hot bass player. Everything a young kid could ask for in a heavy metal band. This was one of those videos that received heavy airplay at the time it came out, and you couldn’t go a day without seeing it multiple times.

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