When you think about the word diva, you immediately think of artists like Mariah Carey or Beyonce. Typically a female artist who is known for having an attitude if things don’t go their way, and who will be the first to admit they deserve nothing but the utmost respect. However, most people are unaware that the heavy metal realm actually hosts more diva behavior than any other genre. How is this possible, you ask? Well lets break it down into some key points that show just how dramatic some of these metal heads can be!

Dress For Success

One of they key elements to a metal head is their wardrobe. Many other cultures are open to interpretation of any unique style, this is not the case with metal fashion. Typically you are limited to black clothing, and must have an extensive collection of band t-shirts. The band t-shirt isn’t taken lightly either, its some what a show of dominance over each other in public. Much thought goes into the selection of a band shirt and when to wear it. Your entry level metal head will pull a rookie mistake by showing up with say a basic Metallica shirt, and will always be upstaged by the senior metal head wearing something on the level of Diamond Head.

Hair Care

Hair plays a huge part in the fashion of this culture as well, and is one of the first giveaways at your level of devotion to the genre. Typically your intense metal devotee will possess hair past their shoulders. There are other variations of the metal head haircut, including but not limited to versions like the short spiky look, and even the shaved head. You may think they just leave their hair as is once they wake up, but a lot more thought and care goes into this element. The front hairs entering the facial region are most important, and must be strategically placed. You might notice one of them constantly playing with this area while in conversation, and occasionally you can witness them looking for the nearest reflection where they can make a crucial adjustment.


Probably the most important element to a metal heads wardrobe are the accessories. This is also a very carefully planned element which gives people a better understanding of what brand of metal the person is reflecting. Your black metal fans will typically dawn some kind of wrist cuffs or even neck chokers, both dawning spikes of some sort. While other metal heads might choose to stick with a necklace, chain wallet, or even in some cases a belt buckle.

There are even some metal heads who put a large amount of time into wearing makeup to enhance their appearance. We have all seen black metal musicians do it, and in some cases the fans will imitate this by putting on the corpse paint themselves. Goth metal heads who embrace the more dramatic side of the genre have also been known to feature heavy eye makeup and even lipstick in some cases.

Stubborn As a Mule

If you’ve ever gotten into an argument with a metal head you know exactly what Im talking about. You will never get them to admit they are wrong, and chances are they will always hate your favorite band. Even though they are the easiest people on the planet to make angry, you must be ready to hear a long and over detailed explanation on why they are right and you are wrong. One thing they absolutely loathe more than anything is having their flaws pointed out, in which case they will most likely shift blame on you for addressing such an issue.

Bitching and Moaning

In addition to being some of the most stubborn people on the planet, they are also notorious for complaining more than anyone. Many of them spend their time voicing to the world why everything is wrong, and how their ideas would fix everything. They also hate being introduced to new things such as movies or bands they have never heard of. You’d have better luck convincing an atheist that god exists than you would trying to convince a metal head that a new band is just as enjoyable as their old favorites. Some of them complain so much they even take it to a more public level by writing long winded articles on their own website.

Ego Maniacs

Did you know that heavy metal is one of the most pirated genres in the music industry? This is because many of the more extreme ego ridden metal heads feel they are some how entitled to free music, and don’t need to pay for it like everyone else. You can also find examples of ego mania within lots of metal bands out there today. What most of them lack for in song writing ability, they easily make up for with blast beats and simply ripping off other bands who are more successful. There are even metal heads with such huge egos, they refuse to work with other musicians and prefer the spotlight only shine on them by starting their own solo project.

Final Thoughts

They spend so much time trying to make themselves look scary, mean, tough, and evil, but the harder they try the more they come off as lovable little pets that you want to collect like Pokemon. For example, male metal heads are the most deceiving of all and their girlfriends will be the first to identify this. When the lights are out and nobody else is around, the tough guy exterior is replaced by silly voices and a strong desire to watch female cartoons like My Little Pony.

So the next time you pass by a metal head and think they are simple folk who don’t have a care in the world, remind yourself that there is a lot of time and effort put into maintaining such vanity. They are a very sensitive people with morals and values all their own that they don’t wish to share with you unless provoked even in the slightest sense.

By now you should have picked up on the final and most important qualities of a metal head, and that is their extreme sense of sarcasm partnered with their brash ability to speak whatever is on their mind. Even if it means trashing their own kind and making fun of themselves.

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