They don’t follow trends, they don’t have rock star egos, they don’t have a fancy wardrobe, and they don’t wear makeup. The only thing Meshuggah has focused on for over two decades, is playing the most brutally heavy music you will ever find. Im not going to dive into the bands history, so if you’re looking for more information on the band Id recommend their Wikipedia page. The purpose of this article is to express my distinct respect for a band which I believe has reached the pinnacle of what heavy music represents.

When you strip away the backstory and overall look of a band, all you are left with is their music. Often times with metal bands, you’ll find a long and arduous history filled with turmoil and ego ridden stress. Many musicians in the heavy metal world make the decision to allow substance abuse and deviance get the better of them, thus distracting their attention from being a better musician. Granted, there are times when such debauchery lends itself to the favor of said musician, but such cases are extremely rare.

Mesguggah is a whole different breed of metal band, one that is devoted to their craft so much that they are willing to strip away everything except for raw power and jagged emotion. They hone their craft to the point where their live shows are often indistinguishable from their studio albums. That is a rare feat in and of itself, given that so many metal bands perform out of breath and can barely keep up with their songs on stage. Need some proof? Take a look at the live video below, where Meshuggah performs their insanely strategic song “Bleed” in front of a live audience.

Their ferocity is unmatched, and is responsible for injecting fear into the black hearts of any metal band who has to share the stage with them. Several bands have stated in the past how they dread being on the same bill, because they know how devastatingly heavy Meshuggah will perform. Its a difficult entity to compete with when you’re in the business of playing heavy music only to have the most pure representation of what heavy music is, right there on the same very stage.

Obviously there is no better or worse when it comes to music, and its all an expansive pool of creative expression. This article simply reflects my opinion on the subject, which is surely going to differ from other peoples own thoughts. Its important for us to share those opinions though, so as to widen the landscape and spread the gospel of heavy music to those who have yet to experience its glory.

Ive introduced many people who have never given metal a second glance to the following song, only for them to fall in love upon first listen. So if you have a passionate devotion to any particular band out there, make sure to do that band justice by sharing what they love with the rest of the world!

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