As if dealing with the entire world turning upside down wasn’t enough, having to balance the weight of losing my mother ended up tipping the scales towards social media silence. It was bad enough listening to so many people complain and bicker about who was right and who was wrong, and which side had the better team, I just became fed up with it all. Every piece of media I turned to, whether it be social or television, it all seemed to be the same mindless circle of political and moral talking points that made me want to vomit. In other words, not a good source of positivity for a son grieving the loss of his mom.

After hitting the social off button, I felt like I could breathe again. I did what I usually do when life hands me rotten lemons, I dove head first into making music. After all, I still had an album to finish that is already years overdue. The transition into music-making-mode was easier than I thought, and the immense grief actually made it easier to channel everything. Guitar solos that were once barren voids of creativity suddenly blossomed into melodic bliss that seemingly happened without any effort at all. I felt comfort and solace, something I longed for given what had just happened.

Intermission Admission - Dan Guitar

As it stands I’m currently working through keyboard soundscapes, which is the part in the recording process that adds atmosphere to the overall sound of the album. The last record featured several random synth sounds ranging from cold industrial stabs to full blown orchestra parts. This time around there is a bit more structure, as I attempt to adhere to some form of rules. I want the album to reflect the old and withered side of the woods I grew up in. This means sounds that are warm, rotted, and wooden. Strings, piano, and all the warm sounding synths you could recognize from old movies I grew up with like Legend or The Neverending Story.

After the keys are complete, it’s onto vocals. The most hated and loathed part of this entire process. Reason being, it’s the most physically taxing part. Having to conjure a screaming voice that rivals the demons itching to climb from your soul is no easy task. Not to mention having the vocal stamina to bellow out note after note of tenor and bass vocal lines to keep that lovely gothic charm alive and well. All in all I’d imagine the entire recording process should wrap up within the next two months. After which I assume marketing will amp up should everything go as planned. Fingers, toes, and all other appendages crossed.

In the midst of all this chaotic creation, rest assured I will keep everyone up to date with as many tidbits and taste tests as I possibly can. There will be another studio update video, music videos, merchandise, and plenty of social media content to follow. Lastly, I need to make sure everyone is aware of just how grateful I am for all the support whilst I was away. Coming back to a slew of messages and well wishes was a great way to get back into this world of music I missed so much.

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