There’s a reason why many consider the 80s to be horror’s glory days, mostly because the effects were all practical and life-like. Granted, many of them looked extremely corny, but at least they were real objects the actors could interact with. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about todays modern horror effects. Due to filmmakers striving to keep budget costs down, there has been a surge in computer generated effects. It’s clips like these that remind us why that’s not always the best decision.


I wonder if the people who wrote this movie intended it to be so horrible, or if they truly imagined a terrifying film that payed homage to Hitchcock’s masterpiece which focused on similar subject matter.

Attack of the Sabertooth

Many of these clips will shock you with just how cheap they appear, but this scene will hold a special place in your heart for having effects no better than 90s computer screen saver.

Anaconda 3

It’s fun to imagine the actors motivation when shooting a scene like this, and it would be even more fun witnessing their reaction to what the creature they were supposed to visualize actually looks like once the film is finished.

Shark Attack 3: Megalodon

You have to give these filmmakers credit for not even attempting a CGI shark, but instead using stock footage of a real shark made to look like it’s 100x its size.

Heat Stroke

Most of these horrible movies can be seen today on the SyFy channel, which is also responsible for creating some of these films as we see here with Heat Stroke.

The Regenerated Man

I have no clue what this movie is about, or that it even existed for that matter. This just happens to be a random gem thanks to the always reliable YouTube sidebar.

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