Seeing this trailer a few weeks ago set the stage for my curiously creepy craving to find new and exciting horror movies to watch this Fall. While it didn’t disappoint, it didn’t break any new ground either. The plot was fresh, but predictable. Without spoiling anything, you basically follow a few young people who are bored with standard party tricks, and look to a possessed hand that gives them an undead high.

There was a moment of much appreciated plausibility when it came to how gullible these young people were to conjure spirits without hesitation. It reminded me of my own experiences with friends growing up, bored to the point where anything that took us out of the realm of reality was enough to peak our interest. Even if that meant damaging brain cells, or in this case, your own soul.

Unfortunately, the story didn’t really embark on any territory we haven’t seen over and over again throughout the history of horror movies. Though despite its flaws, it nailed the landing in a way that pleasantly surprised me. While I would never watch this movie again, I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a movie to fill your empty watch list void this October.

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