Halloween approaches along with its plethora of costume clad patrons, only to reveal a certain attention seeking costume standing out amongst the crowd, the Halloween slut has arrived. Typically the Samhain skank is dressed in some form of sex infused attire thats barely acceptable for daylight, but the creepy walking crab trap prefers to strike under cover of darkness. The evening party, this is where the most alcohol can be consumed in order to muster enough courage to remove said costume for a handful of trouser snakes to find a new hole to bury into. Once morning arrives in a cloud of sour burps and stained skirts, the hallowed whore retreats to her cave where she will retire her donation booth until next Halloween.

Granted, the above story is extremely harsh and disgustingly sexist, but it paints a picture derived from stereotypes created by people who prefer to judge a book by its cover. Are all females who dress like that on Halloween disgusting tramps? Absolutely not. Does dressing like that always have to invoke such negative connotations? By all means, no! There are plenty of us who appreciate slutty Halloween costumes, and look forward to seeing them every year. I personally love when a female trots herself around on Halloween with enough confidence to showcase what she’s got, knowing that all eyes are on her. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with that, but there is something wrong with how lazy these costumes have become.

We are all used to the nurse, the cop, the sexy devil, and so on. All Im asking, is for a little more creativity. If you are a female seeking out a sultry costume this Halloween, don’t just reach for the standard cookie cutter costume you find on the shelf. Use your imagination, and create something so memorable, that the guys and girls drooling over you have something unique to keep in their memory banks. Instead of the slutty nurse, try going as a slutty patient. Ditch the sexy cop, and go for the sexy criminal. Why have a sexy devil, when you can have a sexy angel? Well, actually those ideas are probably horrible, so by no means should you use my words as a template.

If theres anything I ask of those reading this article, who have yet to be so offended or disgusted and clicked away by now, its to think a little deeper once our favorite hallowed holiday rolls around this year. Don’t be afraid to show off your body, and don’t be afraid of people complaining about you showing off your body. Halloween is about having fun, while walking that fine line between naughty and dangerous. Slutty costumes help us indulge those feelings, so take pride in your inner skank, and let those slutty costumes continue to rein free!

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