Its no surprise that every time September comes around, people such as myself start to get excited. The air gets colder, the leaves start to crunch under your feet, and the tone of the season completely shifts. Unfortunately, there are still some of us who take the season for granted by being lazy, or just plain fresh out of ideas. If you’re one of those people who can’t seem to find your way through the season, this list will definitely help you have the best Fall you’ve ever had.

Burn Incense

Setting the right atmosphere is key to enjoying your Fall season, so don’t be afraid to burn a little incense to get your senses started.


Carve Pumpkins

Its a great opportunity to get a group of people involved, and also provides great decoration for your home.


Go On a Country Road Drive

If you have the chance to travel towards New England, make sure to take some time and drive around whilst basking in the beautiful scenery.


Listen to Type O Negative

Check out the album October Rust to act as the perfect soundtrack to the season by Brooklyn’s own drab four.


Visit a Cider Mill

Cider is a staple beverage to coincide with Fall, and can even get you a bit tipsy should you decide to go for the alcoholic kind.


Go Pumpkin Picking

Instead of grabbing one at the grocery store, make a day out of it and head out with some friends to a local pumpkin patch.


Walk Through the Woods

This is great for couples, a group of people, or even by yourself. Very relaxing, and tons of good photo ops.


Attend a Local Fair

Fall fairs and festivals are a great place to find the best seasonal foods and various knickknacks to take home.

Eat Apple Desserts

Much like pumpkins, apples are one of the staple foods of the season. They are best devoured when accompanied by loads of sugar.


Watch Spooky Documentaries

Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube are loaded with documentaries on Witchcraft, Vampires, and other spooky subjects to prepare for Halloween.


Listen to Enya

Its such a relaxing soundtrack to have on whilst driving around the country, or even just lounging around the house.


Eat Halloween Candy

You know you love rolling towards that aisle in the store which carries hordes of disgustingly delicious treats. Now is the time to stock up!


Watch Horror Movies

If you’re going to get in the mood for Halloween, do it right by getting your horror fix as much as possible leading up to the hallowed holiday.


Eat Pumpkin Everything

You could go on like Bubba Gump talking about shrimp when it comes to pumpkin food in the Fall. Its not hard to find, so enjoy it while it lasts.


Listen to Danny Elfman

Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands, take your pick. He’s the absolute master of spooky soundtracks, and a perfect fit for this time of year.


Take Plenty of Pictures

The most important part of this list is to take pictures of everything and anything you can. That way you can always remember the year you had one absolutely kick ass Fall season.


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