Vampire movies are a dime a dozen, and never seem to be in short supply within the horror genre, but the majority of these fang flicks can be quite forgetful. As the genre progresses towards a more desensitized audience, it can be difficult to create something that fans will embrace. Thankfully, every couple years a vampire story reveals itself from the shadows and leaves an impression lingering long enough to rival the lives of the undead themselves. These are the five best vampire movies Ive ever seen, so get your glass of blood ready and fire up your VCR…or whatever it is you living people watch movies on these days.

What We Do In the Shadows

Hands down the funniest horror comedy I have ever witnessed. Its a satirical documentary on the lives of vampires who are desperately trying to fit in with modern society. Its one of those movies that after viewing you ponder how genius of an idea it was to make a film like this, and why it had not been made sooner.

Let the Right One In

This movie broke the mold for what a good vampire story can and should be. Its a unique twist on a friendship bordering on a love story, with plenty of horrific elements that keep its roots grounded in the traditional vampire lore.

Interview With the Vampire

The gold standard when it comes to vampire movies in my opinion. Everything from the cast, the sets, the music, its all as close to perfect as you can get with a vampire story that covers both the old and new world ways of the undead.

Bram Stokers Dracula

A classic masterpiece from director Francis Ford Coppola, who surprisingly used a lot of low budget film techniques to pull off many of the visual tricks in the movie. It also features a magnificent performance of the dead man himself from everyones favorite chameleon actor, Gary Oldman.

The Lost Boys

Many times a movie that dates itself with corny music and wardrobes can come off as a novelty, wearing itself thin as the decade it was made in fades away. However, The Lost Boys embraces 1980s culture while still maintaining a solid vampire story at its core.

Despite whether you agree or disagree with this list, its a nice reminder to see movies like What We Do In the Shadows and Let the Right One In get made in a time when horror was almost run into the ground by awful remakes. What a sad world we would live in if all we had was Twili…I cant even muster the strength to type it. You know the one Im talking about. So here’s to hoping the horror genre continues this tradition and gives us more blood sucking goodness for all eternity, or at least long enough for us to enjoy until we are dead or bitten by a bat.

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