Long before the days of online shopping, horror fans were undoubtably troubled when it came to finding merchandise from their favorite genre. Thankfully the advent of technology has made things much easier, and finding your favorite macabre merchandise is just a few clicks away. These are a few of my go-to places where you can find the best horror merchandise on the web.

Pixel Elixir

Pixel Elixir offers a unique collection of merchandise in the fields of horror, 80s nostalgia and other genres. A great place to shop for not only shirts, but enamel pins and art prints as well.


The standout product on this site is their wide selection of all-over print t-shirts with extremely cool designs inspired by several fan favorite horror films.


House of Mysterious Secrets

While they do stock a standard supply of horror movie t-shirts, its the weird stuff that makes this site notable. From Nightmare On Elm Street toasters to Xenomorph bottle openers, this site has a wicked selection of oddball items.


Urban Collector

For more of an innocent shopper who doesn’t want all of the harsh gore and guts many other stores promote, Urban Collector offers a wide selection of fun collectibles and figures to put on display in your haunted home.


The Haunted Shop

Looking for a large selection of horrific decor to splatter all over your house? This is the place to go for all your haunted party favors.


Fright Rags

They have some of the best horror inspired shirts Ive ever seen, hands down. However, if you see something you like, make sure you grab it. Many of these items will disappear before you get a second chance to grab them.


Cardboard Cutouts

Life size cardboard cutouts always make for a great conversation piece, and also provide added security to your home. Who would want to approach a house with a gigantic life sized Jason Voorhees staring them down with a machete in hand?



There are tons of sites you can find with large selections of horror movie posters, but All Posters is the place for me thanks to its unique and diverse artwork.


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