Impregnate a thrash song with Peter Steele style vocals & keyboard arrangements that echo the darker side of Danny Elfman, & you’ll give birth to the new single “Faith In Cycles” from one man metal band Autumns Eyes. The track kicks off an energetic start to the new year with a new albumGrimoire of Oak & Shadow” just on the horizon for the New England based musician. Last October gave us a first taste of the bands new material with the somber yet catchy song “Follow the Embers” that also featured a fiery music video showcasing the beauty of New Englands back woods.

With tempos picking up on the new song, lyrical themes remain rooted in the realism with founding member Daniel Mitchell sharing a bit of method behind the madness…

As with most people struggling to find solutions to all of life’s misery, there comes a point where hope seems like an empty dream. Faith In Cycles was written as a reminder that all things in life seem to follow a pattern. Much like the seasons, there are moments where all life is seemingly sucked out of the atmosphere, & other times when the sun shines so bright as life flourishes at its most extraordinary peaks. This taught me the value of patience, & how trusting such cycles can bring peace during times of frustration.

Hear the new single “Faith In Cycles” at the link below, or grab it on all the major streaming platforms.

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