Time to break out the wine glasses and turn our noses up at society. It’s no secret that classical music has forever cast a large shadow over heavy metal music, a shadow that lends itself to the darkness metal music feeds on. Though it’s few and far between that we ever hear metal musicians go into detail about what composers or classical pieces they tend to favor. I decided to open the flood gates and let my inner classical music snob shine in this article, where I cover five of my favorite classical compositions.

Rhapsody in Blue

George Gershwin

Gershwin was ridiculed before & after Rhapsody in Blue was released into the world. High society claimed his work was pure buffoonery that would never compare to the likes of popular composers like Beethoven and Bach. Gershwin’s jazz infused New York sound proved everyone wrong by creating a timeless classical classic that gives me a strange sense of nostalgia, even though I’ve never lived through that time period.

Jazz Suite No.2: 6. Waltz II

Dmitri Shostakovich

This is a great Russian waltz that undoubtably influenced Danny Elfman’s Nightmare Before Christmas movie score. The original music for this was lost after World War II, but later reconstructed from piano notations that were found. Almost like how I regurgitate riffs I find on cassette tapes that I recorded in the 90s. Only not.

Pavane, Op. 50

Gabriel Fauré

Going old school with this one, back to the 1800s I believe. The piece itself is quite jubilant with ominous hints that season the music. The choir has a great line that translates to “We love. We hate. We curse our loves.”, which is quite badass and could easily pass for Type O Negative lyrics.

Clair de lune

Claude Debussy

Ah, the light of the moon. So relaxing, and so peaceful. This is one of the few songs I can escape into and make the world disappear, even if for but a moment. Yes, I know I sound like a wine guzzling house wife, but that’s basically what I am these days anyways.

Mars, the Bringer of War

Gustav Holst

The most badass riff ever written, building throughout swells of controlled chaos. It’s almost like the music itself is taking deep breaths before it berates you with madness and intimidation.

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