Many of us have a selection of certain songs that bring us back to a specific time in our life, but are there any songs which can match the mood of the season at hand? Here are a few of my own personal choices for metal songs that fit the fall season like a glove, and are the perfect soundtrack to a long drive throughout the brown and gold draped roads of New England.

Iron Maiden

Fear of the Dark

The song was still somewhat new when I first heard it, but it also possessed a new sound I had never heard before from these bad ass brits. The riffs were familiar, but the overall production was different. Not to mention the lyrics fit the whole Halloween theme perfectly.

Cradle of Filth

Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids

From one of my favorite metal albums of all time, this song represents the deep gothic gloom which surrounds the autumn air like a blanket of devilish delight. The album itself could be counted as one entry alone for its haunting story of a blood countess named Elizabeth Bathory.

The Cure


Its the lead off track on what remains the single greatest movie soundtrack album ever released for the film The Crow. The Cure are masters of gothic style both sonically and visually, but this song takes them to a whole new level of greatness with a perfect balance of chords, cries, and crows.



Taken from the amazing album titled Irreligious, this track is a strong contender for one of my favorite goth metal songs of all time. One thing I love about Moonspell is their ability to use keyboards with taste, and not go overboard like some solo metal bands who obsess over Halloween.


Gold Dust Woman

I’ll be the first to admit Im not the biggest fan of Hole, but when they released this track from the short sighted sequel to The Crow, I instantly fell in love with its creepy catchiness. Its one of the more creative interpretations Ive heard to date of an older song, and has a really bad ass bass line to match.

Type O Negative

Love You to Death

As if I wasn’t going to name this song a million times over as my favorite all time autumn anthem. I play this song on the first day of every fall as some what of a sonic signal that the season has officially begun. I made an effort to cover this song a while back on the Peter Steele tribute album, but could never come close to the sheer magic captured on the original.

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