Thinking about how I’m going to finish this next record has been circling my head like a raven determined to fly with nowhere to land. There is so much uncertainty to when and how everything will come together, but my faith in cycles keeps me going. With every release there is procrastination, but never the likes of which I’ve experienced on this one. I suppose losing one parent to cancer, and having another fall victim to its greedy clutches soon after would be enough to stop even the strongest of wills. I’m not worried though. I trust my music to carry me where I need to be, whenever it is I need to be there.

The instrumental tracks are done, recorded, some of them even mixed. I’m about to record vocals on everything, which is always a fun task given the amount of guttural strength required to imitate a singing demon. Hopefully my voice still has what it takes to answer the call that this type of music demands. Should things not work out I suppose I could just replace my vocals with the sounds of my toddler screaming into a microphone. We have a similar sense of ferocity in our growls, mine fed by red wine and his by juice boxes.

Whatever happens next I am just fortunate to still have the opportunity to make music. With death staring you in the face at times it really opens up doors you never knew you had inside you. You’re forced to face things you only thought of in fleeting glimpses as you justified their existence as nothing more than thoughts that would never catch up to you. Just bad moments that would get lost in time, forever allowing you to enjoy everything without fear of losing it.

Unfortunately, that’s just not the case, and all those cliches about making every moment count are in fact quite true. That’s not to say I’m out traveling the globe and skydiving. I’m still busy being a proud father, a happy husband, and all the satisfaction that comes between the cracks I try not to step on. Life is full of moments that seem so dull when they happen, but earn their value in time with nostalgia always there to heal the soul.

I’m thankful to have people reading these very words, anxiously awaiting the next album as much as I am. As I always say, it keeps me motivated. Your words, your connection, your support. Without you all, the heart of this musical machine stops beating. I hope to reward your patience with something special soon enough, as the release will most definitely come this year. Thank you, and may all your motivations continue to thrive and prosper in this new year.

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