With New Englands temperament never wanting to show it’s cards, the approach of Fall has been subtle and long overdue. One can never tell if we are in for another few weeks of Summer heat, or that the wind may turn so brisk it begins to crack the earth beneath us. Thankfully, I write this update in my office with all the windows open and a rush of cold air swirling around the scent of burning leaves and incense. Autumn is here, and has embraced me with tenacious enthusiasm.

One can never fully follow life’s plan, despite how much we try to organize. It’s a simple lesson I learned months ago when my wife and I welcomed our son into the world. No matter how much we prepared and planned to have a baby in the house, he took over and showed us that no amount of planning can prepare you for what life can throw at you. Since his arrival there have been sleepless nights (much like you hear from traditional first-time parent horror stories), but the amount of sheer joy and bliss this babbling little potato has brought us is unrivaled by anything we’ve ever experienced.

Autumns Eyes Dan & Luke

Throughout my time raising our lovely little demon, I’ve had to reimagine my approach to Autumns Eyes. Obviously the prior schedule of whenever/wherever would no longer be possible, so I had to navigate through my goals and find a path that was more accommodating to the current situation. Writing and recording new songs is now done under the cloak of dusk, rather than the light of day where I am most comfortable creating. Strange, as you’d assume creating dark music in the dark of night would be the most obvious pairing. However, I always found the contrast of sunlight and shadow to be more appealing.

Where has this brought me from a musical standpoint though? Have I shifted too far into a realm that breeds disingenuous melodies? The first few days of this new environment proved challenging, and doubt surely circled my subconscious. It was almost like switching shifts at your job, and having to adjust your internal clock. As things settled down, and with a few lighting adjustments to my office, the songwriting process was starting to flow like a fountain of blood in castle Bathory. For once I found myself creating ideas that never crossed my mind before. Dark ideas, shrouded in a newfound sense of eternal damnation. In other words, some serious evil shit was spewing from my fingers.

I’ve now found myself in a comfortable pocket of creation with inspiration that will carry on throughout the remainder of this Fall season. Songs will be crafted and prepared for release some time next year. For the time being, I’ve needed to find something to offer the friendly foes of Autumns Eyes this October. I can’t go the entire month without sharing in the sadistic celebration, so there is promise of brand new Autumns Eyes merchandise to be had. More specifically, a special shirt that was designed in tandem with Sorrow Grips. A name you may remember from last years album, Ending Life Slowly.

Along with the beautiful album artwork, Sorrow Grips created a piece of art specifically for use on an Autumns Eyes t-shirt. Time and cost restraints halted any attempt to release the shirt sooner, but since the calamity and chaos have settled down, everything may proceed as planned. The shirt will be available this October, and more details can be found along the way if you follow Autumns Eyes on Instagram or Twitter. For now, I must conclude this obnoxious article with best wishes towards everyone out there who is basking in the gory glory of what I hope to be an outstanding October. Stay tuned and stay in touch!

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