Some of the most important lessons learned in life happen when our faces are pushed into the dirt whilst our mind feeds on every abhorrent thought available. I was set to release another round of media to quench the thirst of rabid fans awaiting more music, and whilst I do intend to do so this month, the wheels of this chaotic cruise almost spun out of control. I ran into a nightmare scenario where a plague like infection spread from the bowels of hell into our homestead courtesy of a tiny demonic treasure we refer to as “our son“.

His snot spread from whatever bacteria pit they harvest in his kindergarten, and into our home where we all received equally unique symptoms. At first I thought I was in the clear, with nothing more than a cough. That was, until, the ringing started. A small hum in the right ear at first, which then grew into a buzzing, which then grew into a loud buzzing. Almost like a bee was trapped in my right ear. Then, a high pitched squeal in both ears to compliment the buzzing in the right ear. How delightful!

Going on four weeks now and copious amounts of medication that may or may not have done anything other then send me into a spiral of delirium, the noise is still quite present, but thankfully quite tame to where it once was. Dealing with such an issue as you try to complete the last few details on an album has been nothing short of maddening. As an audio engineer, I rely on my ears to reveal inaccuracies with certain frequencies so that I may shape these songs in a way that appeals to my creative conscious. Having something like an annoying buzzing or ringing sound totally steps on those skills, and extinguishes any chance of sonic accuracy throughout the remainder of this mysterious defect.

As with everything, life must go on, and over the years Ive learned not to dwell on the delusion these things can manifest within you. My goals are still stable and achievable, and I will do what is necessary to work towards them. The album is still on schedule, and so is all the content I have planned ahead of that release. This update was merely a cathartic release of emotion that has built up over the past few weeks. Just as with any turmoil that comes with life, being open and honest with those you care about can help you heal. Given how much you all mean to this project and to me as a musician, I would never hold back the chance to share such words.

So, for now, I will get back to work, and assure you all that more music is on the horizon. “Follow the Embers” had a tremendously positive response, which I was more than ecstatic to see, especially given the fact that it’s probably the most mellow song on the album. The next single to be released is much heavier, and will show a different side of this album in contrast to the first single. So stay tuned and stay connected!

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