Music is a language everyone speaks, and creating music in a time where opportunity is at your front door with hordes of knowledge only a search away, it can be overwhelming at times to find good advice. You can search the web and find plenty of sites or forums with thousands of opinions clashing so much they often tend to lose focus on the subject at hand. YouTube is another great resource to find musical guidance, but again there are so many videos to choose from, one never knows who they can trust or who has valuable insight.

A while back there was a little show that premiered on a YouTube network called “This Week In” which focused on a plethora of topics ranging from music to horror movies. The show was called Pensado’s Place, and featured two charismatic guys named Herb and Dave who seemed to have a special chemistry that only years of friendship could develop. Each episode would cover a wide variety of musical topics dedicated to those out there who live and breathe the creative medium. Not only was this information extremely valuable, but it came from two guys that we could trust.

Herb and Dave slowly began reaching a wider audience through more episodes, and by interacting with their fan base via social media. Their charm and charisma was intoxicating, and soon spread to the musical masses like wildfire. The show was gaining momentum, garnering support from the biggest names in the industry, and sparking creativity throughout musicians all across the globe. Unbeknownst to many of us, we were witnessing a major shift in the musical world, one that would prove to be exceedingly bigger than the sum of its parts.

The YouTube channel “This Week In” would soon prove too small for the behemoth that was Pensado’s Place, and the show has since moved on marking it’s own territory on the web. It’s no question that it has become the go-to place for everything and anything a musician could ask for. Even through such a massive shift into the public eye, the show remains grounded in its roots, always humble and relatable to even the most inexperienced musician just getting started in this business.

Herb and Dave, their producer Will, and the entire team at Pensado’s Place has become a force to be reckoned with in the music business. Not only did they rise through such an incredibly difficult market to shine in, but they ignited a spark in the industry that seemed to be missing for some time. They inspired a new breed of creativity, and in doing so are changing lives one show at a time. They aren’t just making something technically savvy that we can access like a musical dictionary, they are influencing the people who touch us emotionally.

As stated in the beginning of this article, music is a language everyone speaks. This crazy arrangement of notes and melodies are what guide our emotions when we’re happy or sad. Music provides a soundtrack to our lives, and it’s things like Pensado’s Place that keep our musical hearts beating. One of the great things about the artistic world is that these creations will outlive all of us, and the same can easily be said about this amazing show. What Dave and Herb have created will forever be cemented in the hearts of musicians long into the future. I’m just one tiny musician in a world of many, but I strongly believe that I can speak for the majority in thanking this show and the people behind it for inspiring us all, and for reigniting a flame that was in danger of burning out.

So cheers to Dave, Herb, Will, and the entire team at Pensado’s Place for making music history. I wish you all the success you so rightfully deserve, and most importantly…thank you!

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