I received a pretty amazing email last night from a fan who’s wife gave him a unique gift for fathers day to celebrate their first son together. The gift is a framed photo of their son which is made up entirely out of lyrics to the Autumns Eyes song Ichabod, which I wrote as an open letter to my son before he is born. As a musician it makes this all worthwhile when you make a connection like that with your listeners. Regarding the email, I asked the fan if I could share it online to which he approved. Here is what he wrote, and the picture he attached.

“I wanted to share with you this gift that my wife gave me for my first fathers day. It is difficult to see in the photo but this picture is my son when he was just a few hours old, it is made entirely from the lyrics of your song Ichabod. Now that I have a son of my own, I have a new appreciation for the meaning. Just in case you were wondering, yes that is batman in the bottom right corner.”


While I often receive letters from fans all over the world, its always nice to know these songs have the ability to go deeper than just what you hear on the surface. Its a constant reminder of why I love making music, and how grateful I am to have such amazing fans.

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