As a young boy surrounded by everything from Batman to Freddy Krueger, it was fair to say my taste for the darker side of life was becoming more prominent as the years progressed. While many of my friends continued to lust after supermodel celebrities, I struggled with finding my own crush to swoon over. That is until I first gazed into the gigantic glassy eyes of that creepy little devil we call Christina Ricci. It was, without question, love at first fright.

Over the years I transitioned away from drooling obsession, and became more respectful of her film career. Despite my polite demeanor into adulthood, there were still a few moments where the air was sucked out of my lungs before I even had time to gasp. These are the six moments where Christina Ricci appeared on screen, and I appeared on the floor, passed out from a heart that beat faster than you could reach for the pause button during Black Snake Moan.


I have a soft spot in my black little heart for Werewolves, so what a perfect match it was to find Christina Ricci sharing the screen with a few lovely Lycanthropes.

Christina Ricci - Cursed

Prozac Nation

The last thing I was thinking about when I saw this movie on the shelf was how I’d love to dive into a human study about depression. She’s naked on the f’ing cover for gods sake!

Christina Ricci - Prozac Nation

Buffalo ’66

Despite the fact that director Vincent Gallo treated Miss Ricci like absolute garbage on set, the film went on to become a cult classic amongst independent film lovers.

Christina Ricci - Buffalo '66

Sleepy Hollow

Playing the ever so lovely Katrina Van Tassel, we finally got to see a softer side of Christina Ricci. Proof that she could rock the goth look even back in the cumbersome garb of the late 1700s.

Christina Ricci - Sleepy Hollow


This one took me by surprise, and Im almost positive I spit out my drink several times while watching. Needless to say, Ricci is decked out in her birthday suit for the majority of this picture. Is it wrong that her being dead makes it even more desirable? Probably.

Christina Ricci - After Life

Black Snake Moan

Do I even need to type anything for this one? Are we all pretty much in agreement there?

Christina Ricci - Black Snake Moan

If your pulse is still beating at a healthy rate, and your lungs have yet to collapse, you’re probably wondering why there are only six Ricci roles listed here. Well, there’s clearly more to list, but I’ll leave that up to you. Once you start venturing into the dozens, it starts to crossover into that creepy realm of sleazy internet countdowns.

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