Just when I thought it was getting difficult to find a good horror movie, 2017 smacks me across the face with a slew of new titles that have succeeded in getting this black heart beating again. These are just a few notable horror flicks set to come out this year that Ive had on my radar for some time now.

Get Out

February 24

While Im not a fan of the show Key and Peele, I do have a ton of respect for Jordan Peele and his passion for horror movies. Diving head first into the directors chair is no easy task, but judging by recent reviews, he’s done a great job at executing some frightfully fantastic film making.

Alien: Covenant

May 19

Many of us can appreciate what Ridley Scott was trying to do with Prometheus, the pseudo prequel to Alien. However, it seemed as though fans spoke up, and Ridley listened. This time around we won’t be dancing around teasing the story of Alien, we will be getting a direct connection. Complete with Xenomorphs, face-huggers, and all of that glorious dirty spaceship stuff we remember from the original.


September 8

I’ll be the first to admit I cannot stand modern horror remakes, but Id be lying if I told you this one didn’t excite me. The TV miniseries did a fantastic job at frightening audiences with Tim Curry’s terrifying portrayal of Pennywise the clown, but this modern retelling seems to be following Stephen Kings original story. One that is surrounded by a more demented brand of psycological horror, and far less campy.

Underworld: Blood Wars

January 6

What good would the horror world be without a few titles that were just downright corny and fun to watch? Every movie doesn’t have to be an Oscar worthy masterpiece, so when it comes to the Underworld movies I tend to let loose and appreciate the overall aesthetic of these films. Rather than nitpick them for what they lack, and compare them to movies completely out of their realm of storytelling.


No Release Date Set

After what Rob Zombie did to the franchise, many Halloween fans are weary of taking the bait for yet another reboot. This time around we at least have the blessing of John Carpenter, the man who made the series what it was. Not only does this have his stamp of approval, but rumor has it the master of horror will be lending his musical talents to the films score once again.

There are a few more I wanted to mention here, like a reboot of both the Friday the 13th and Chucky franchises, but alas those movies seem to be stuck in production limbo. Thankfully with movies like It Follows and The Witch, the horror genre could be getting a much needed kick in the ass. Lets hope the movies released this year are a good sign of things to come!

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