Do you ever stop and wish that Halloween would be more like your childhood, where everything seemed to have this magical aura around it whenever the season came by? Sometimes in our elder years we tend to lose hold of the essence which made those younger days so special, but it is possible to spark that feeling once again no matter how or miserable old you are.

It’s no secret that many of us love the Halloween season, but how can we reinvigorate the haunted holiday? The bad news is that it will most definitely take some effort on your part, the good news is that it’s relatively easy effort depending on where you’re located.

The main purpose of this article is to inspire fans of Halloween to try something different this year. If you’re not located anywhere near the following places, just search around and see where the locals are flocking to. Every place in the world has a spooky side, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. These just happen to be my personal favorite places in the world to spend all hallows eve.

New Orleans, LA

Voodoo surrounds the atmosphere down south in the place where Louis and Lestat once called home, and even though we are far beyond the years of active practitioners being feared throughout the lands, there is still an undeniable lust for mysticism here.


Sleepy Hollow, NY

The Headless Horseman may not appear galloping out of the woods with a hatchet in hand, but the home where one of the earliest pieces of American fiction takes place is always ripe for trick or treaters.


Salem, MA

Witches are a well known part of New England folk lore, and forever a staple of hallowed imagery. So what better place to visit than the one place where witches were most publicly known to the world?


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