Today is the day we celebrate bad luck and bloody kills. The one day where its almost a requirement to praise our favorite hockey masked murderer. Without further adieu lets take a look at thirteen of the best kills from the man behind one of our favorite morbid holidays!

Annie Gets Her Throat Slashed

A great example of those classic slasher kills where the murdering psycho takes their time and hesitates a bit while the victim begs for their life.

From the Shower to the Grave

These types of kills became a staple of many horror movies to come, the victim calmly relaxes only to reveal one of their friends bodies hanging right above them.

Run For Your Death!

Just like the scene above, these types of kills were a huge inspiration towards the genre. An innocent victim stumbles on a dead body and tries to run away in a crazed attempt to survive.

Frozen Face Smash

While Jason X was clearly one of the worst in the series, it certainly wasn’t shy on the gore. This was one of the more creative kills that shows off Jason’s ability to always utilize what’s around him.

Banana Death

This was one of the more awkward death scenes in the series. The shot of the banana is almost more disturbing than the kill itself.

3D Eye Pop

Its a totally corny shot, but really captures the essence of eighties 3D movies. I can only imagine the audience reaction to this when it played in theaters.

Wheelchair Down the Stairs

We might be desensitized to almost everything in pop culture these days, but you can just imagine the shock audiences must have felt decades ago seeing a poor guy in a wheelchair getting murdered in such disturbing detail.

Kevin Bacon Gets It In the Throat

The was the one shot responsible for the careers of so many special effect and makeup artists we have in the industry today.

Boxing Match

As if you really have to ask the question on who would win in a boxing match between Jason Voorhees and, well…anyone. The answer is obvious.

Corn Field Massacre

While technically not a Friday the 13th movie, it still features our man Jason doing what he does best. In this case killing two birds with one machete by offing a whole crowd full of unsuspecting doped up teens.

Bed Fold

Since we are on the subject of Freddy vs Jason, I figured why not show another creative kill scene where Jason uses his space saving techniques by folding this bed in half to open up the room.

Fuck Me Im Dead!

You can’t have a Friday the 13th film without some heavy sex scenes, and of course that includes getting your life cut short before you can even finish the job.

Sleeping Bag Slam

My personal favorite death scene of all time in any horror movie, the beloved sleeping bag against a tree. It brings back so many memories of being a care free kid basking in the bloody glory of my favorite serial killer.

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