Horror is a genre that never takes itself too seriously, and knows how to make its audience laugh. Whether its a killer doll with a soft side for education, or a vampire with fangs so big he can barely speak, theres always something to bust your gut laughing at in the horror department. These are a few favorite moments in horror history that have stood out among the rest as morbidly hysterical.

Nazi Zombies

American Werewolf in London is a bizarre film to begin with, but when you add Nazi Zombies to the mix, it pushes the film over the threshold of obscure.


If you’re not aware of how bad Troll 2 is, it might be time to familiarize yourself with a film known solely for its legendary status as one of the worst movies ever made.

Laugh Out Loud

While there are several parts in any of the Evil Dead movies that could make this list, the overall insanity of the series is captured best in this scene alone.

Jason’s Moral Code

He may be a murdering psychopath from beyond the grave, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any moral boundaries.

Prime Time Television

Its one of Freddy’s best one liners, and the overall absurdity of the gag is perfected with such amazing makeup and effects.

Half the Man He Used to Be

Its moments like this that make Piranha 3D such a monumental film , and further ponders the question of why this never won an Oscar.

Teachers Pet

Here we have a perfect example of why we all love Chucky for his sadistic sense of humor, and irresistible charm.

I Kick Ass For the Lord

It wasn’t hard to find a clip for this one, as choosing one funny moment from Peter Jacksons Dead Alive is like shooting fish in a barrel.

All Out of Bubblegum

It would be sacrilege to leave out one of the best lines in Horror Movie history, delivered by the always charismatic Rowdy Roddy Piper.

The Mashter Will Kill You For Thish

The only thing worse than an ugly teenage vampire trying to kill you is getting drenched in spit from his attempt to speak with huge fake fangs in his mouth.

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