Heavy Sonic Therapy Playlist

From Abbath to Opeth & everything in between. A custom curated playlist of heavy songs that inspire & influence solo metal band Autumns Eyes.

Free Discography On Bandcamp

Stuck inside? Download the entire Autumns Eyes catalog free of charge & let the voices in my head help distract you from the ones in yours!

Songs I Wish I Wrote

Whenever I write songs, it’s a bit like dealing with bats in the attic. They fly around and hide out in there, eventually making a mess the longer they go...

Where’s the F-ing Album!?

I’ve never been a fan of bands who project a certain image through their art, then go on to share personal anecdotes which dilute their brand. It’s been a pet...

Studio Update – September 2019

Finally removed from his coffin in Connecticut, Dan gives us a glance at the new Autumns Eyes album where he reveals how to inject life into digital drums & bring...