There are countless entries in the Nightmare on Elm Street series, thus making it quite easy to get lost in the minutia of mindless kills and convoluted backstories. While the first Elm Street movie is a straight forward classic, I have a soft spot in my black little heart for the sixth entry in the series, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare.

Its a movie that many horror fans tend to shrug off, but I always found it to be a great example of how a sequel can stand on its own, without the weight of a poorly executed franchise holding it back. There are many aspects of Freddy’s Dead that give it such a unique difference from other Freddy movies. One of the main differences is just the overall tone and bizarre uncertainty that plagues the entire movie from start to finish.

Without spoiling anything, the movie follows yet another group of wandering teenagers who are tormented by the Springwood Slasher, but this movie unfolds like a dream in and of itself. There are often times when you swear you are in a nightmare, only to find reality being twisted just enough to throw off your sense of safety. It reminds me of that feeling I get after waking up from a bad dream. The feeling of unnerving confusion, with a foggy recollection of what just happened.

This is a sequel deeply embedded within the franchise, and is by no means one of the greatest films you will ever bare witness to, but Freddy’s Dead certainly gets my recommendation if you’re looking for a unique yet strangely familiar horror movie. I tend to view movies for what they are, rather than what they aren’t. In a time when critics and fans continuously love to point out plot holes and improbable scenarios, its important to remind ourselves that sometimes a movie can be entertaining and intriguing without having to explain all the logic behind it.

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