Ending Life Slowly Press Release
Halloween and the death of Fall is a perfect time to be reminded that sometimes life ends far too slowly.

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News and updates from Autumns Eyes, the one man metal band for fans of Halloween and Horror Movies.

Autumns Eyes Wins Best Band In Connecticut

Autumn’s Eyes was just the band we needed to add some variety to our hunt for the best unsigned band in the US. I know I’m not alone in my love for gritty, crusty metal that tests your listening limits, as evidenced by the writer’s picks for the first few states. However, it’s very rewarding to take time to appreciate the incredible diversity that our favorite genre offers. So don’t bang your head, but bob it convincingly along with Autumn’s Eyes, like him on Facebook, check out Daniel’s blog, and leave a comment or two!

Beneath the Woods Design and Recording Studio

After a few years of hiatus, the Beneath the Woods Design and Recording Studio website has been updated. The Connecticut based studio is where all Autumns Eyes material is created, and also where founder Daniel Mitchell continues to work with other projects behind the scenes. Not only does music act as a focal point of the studio, but also web/graphic design and photography as well. Stay connected to www.beneaththewoods.com for more updates on current and upcoming projects.

Now Endorsed By Steve Clayton

Clayton exotic line of guitar picks not only give me the added strength and durability to withstand the heavy music I create, but they also provide such a natural feel almost as if they were hand carved from the woods in my back yard. Stay connected to autumnseyes.com for more updates and features on Clayton guitar picks.

The Metal Crypt Reviews Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets

Connecticut’s Autumns Eyes is at it again with the new, all-instrumental album Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets. As always, this one-man band, the brain-child of Dan Mitchell, focuses on all things scary, creepy and downright frightening. Broken Leaves and Haunted Streetsconsists of songs Mitchell first conjured from his nightmares in the early days of Autumns Eyes and he’s decided it’s time for them to be released on an unsuspecting public. I’m certainly glad he did, because this stuff is damn good. Creating an instrumental song that captures a listener’s attention and keeps it for 3-4 minutes is one thing, but you’ll be wondering where all 13 minutes and 46 seconds of “Lucid Empathy” went when it is over.

MetalUnderground.com Reviews the New Album

Sometimes you have to look back to move forward, and that’s what Autumns Eyes has done with “Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets,” which features a collection of five re-imagined tracks from the band’s earliest incarnation. Taking music written a decade back, sole member Dan Mitchell has re-recorded five previously unreleased songs with the knowledge and experience of 10 years in the metal scene.

Ultimate Metal Reviews Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets

Those familiar with Autumns Eyes are well acquainted with the fact that sole member Dan Mitchell wears his passion for the season surrounding All Hallows Eve on his sleeve…eh, band title. With his new EP entitledBroken Leaves and Haunted Streets, there is no exception to this as the essence of fall emanates through the atmosphere on this instrumental EP. Dan has put out another release for the season of death, haunting and change.