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Blood and guts and horror movies!

The Exorcist vs Insidious: Who Wins In a Fight?

During the past few decades The Exorcist has been the one single horror movie which seems to bridge generational gaps by continuing to scare people no matter what year it is. That is a feat unheard of when it comes to such a niche genre like horror. The Exorcist was able to cross that threshold and go beyond just your typical horror fan by attracting mainstream moviegoers to its brilliance.

However, within the past couple years there has been a slight resurgence in the genre with movies like The Conjuring and Insidious taking aim at the box office. Do any of these modern horror movies stack up against the juggernaut that is The Exorcist? Let’s take a look and compare one of the biggest horror films of all time to one of the more popular ones of modern day cinema.

The Exorcist

Its a film that completely terrified audiences to the point where even grown men were sleeping with the light on. The story of a little girl possessed by a terrifying demon captivated movie fans to the point where they could not turn away, even when the possessed girl was masturbating with a cross and vomiting all over a priest. Things got so bad at one point after the films release, people were actually running out of the theater to vomit in the nearest trash can.

The film also sparked a global rise in the amount of possessions reported throughout our various continents. People from Canada to Czechoslovakia were contacting local priests to perform exorcisms on their friends and family members who were believed to be possessed. The vatican even made a point to modify their rules on exorcism after such widespread panic was caused by this one movie.

Keep in mind how different society was back in those days when nobody was aware of, or witnessed, such horrific atrocities take place on screen. Of course today we are much more desensitized as a culture, and it takes a lot of effort to shock us. That was hardly the case when The Exorcist debuted, and will most likely never be the case again.



Next we move on to a movie which does a good job of representing the current state of horror. Now there are a few purists in the genre who tend to discredit this film for ripping off older horror movies, and plenty of people who just genuinely dislike it. While it doesn’t hold as high regard as The Exorcist, it certainly has done a great job of getting people back into theaters in support of horror.

The story itself centers around a basic ghostly possession, and has a few iconic moments to boot. Much like the classic scene in The Exorcist where we get a quick glimpse of the demons face, Insidious plays on the same gag by revealing their demon in a similar fashion. Even the title shot of the movie is taken from the pages of classic horror films like Susperia. Whether or not this qualifies as inspiration or just a rip off is up to you.

Another suspenseful element to Insidious is its use of contrasting media to scare the audience. There is a sequence featuring some fairly horrific imagery, which normally would dictate the musical score to follow a similar path. However, the music delves into the complete opposite end of the spectrum by playing a song from bizarre pop icon of the seventies, Tiny Tim. This contrast of style works well for the scene, and does a good job of extracting fear from vulnerable viewers.



Obviously The Exorcist has made its mark on history that will undoubtably remain in tact long after we are gone. I don’t view this as a total loss for Insidious though, and despite its shortcomings we must acknowledge its ability to attract more people to the genre. After years of awful remakes and terrible straight to video releases, it’s quite refreshing to see some original stories take center stage. The Exorcist remains a true classic, while Insidious played a major part in bringing horror movies back into the limelight.

The Many Masks of Jason Voorhees

Everyone knows his name, but its the signature hockey mask which horror fans have come to love and identify over the years. Diving head first into the psyche of a cereal killer can prove to be a complex battle of unanswered questions. So rather than explore why he does what he does, lets just focus on the history of Jason’s iconic mask.

Part 1

He didn’t have a mask, he didn’t have a machete, he didn’t even have hair on his body. During the first Friday the 13th film Jason was nothing more than a handicapped kid who fell victim to a few horny young camp councilors who had better things to do than keep an eye on kids drowning. However, Jason’s loving mother always found time to keep putting on makeup so she looked presentable whilst murdering teenagers.


Part 2

After executives ditched the idea to make each of the Friday the 13th films stand on their own as separate stories, they decided to carry on the original story and bring back that beloved little weirdo, Jason. While we did get a look at his ugly mug towards the end of the film, the majority of Jason’s beauty shots were spent with a bag over his head. A lot of people like the bag, but come on, a lame ass bag is not what became such an iconic piece of horror and halloween history for years to come.


Part 3

The poor lonely nerd with that curly ass hair couldn’t leave well enough alone. He had to stir up trouble by playing practical jokes on all the cool kids who invited him along out of pity. This curly haired fuck did one thing right though. He whipped out a hockey mask as one of his awful disguises, and soon enough Mr Voorhees would find his true calling. Jason was eager to find a replacement for the smelly bag he kept wearing, and he had no trouble taking it from that stupid asshole who would soon be making jokes in hell.


Part 4

With his fresh new mask and a plethora of new teens to torture, Jason was at the top of his game. At this point the mask was much like an old baseball glove, just starting to get broken in. You’d think a crack in the top corner would cause someone to panic and seek out a replacement. Not Jason. He was convinced it added character, and he was right. The axe mark soon became one of the staples to Jason’s mask collection.


Part 5

Every murdering ghoul from beyond the grave has to take a break from time to time. That’s why in part five we didn’t actually see Jason, but rather a crude copycat killer. Had I been the one about to get hacked to death, I definitely would have laughed it off. Any true Jason fan could see that this wasn’t his signature mask, and those blue triangles just screamed tacky design.


Part 6

Jason’s back, and he’s fucking pissed. Two denim clad dickheads were also pissed, and for some reason they felt the need to ensure Mr Voorhees was really dead. Obviously they fucked it all up, and instead woke Jason out of his beauty rest. The poor guy was just calmly laying underground with a maggot face mask to clean his pores, and suddenly gets thrown right back into a killing spree. At least they were kind enough to give him his mask back.


Part 7

He’s had a tough life, but Jason never expected it to get even more difficult until he faced off against one nasty ass telepathically powered female who really got under his skin. We all know Jason is quite sensitive about showing his face, and this crazy girl uses her crazy powers to crack Jason’s mask open like an egg and reveal his horribly misunderstood face. It’s clear Jason was hiding the fact that not only did he need a new skin cream, but he needed to see a dentist as well.


Part 8

When Jason visited New York in hopes of finding a good dentist, he got sidetracked by a boat load of stupid young people. Much like part three, he receives his mask here by some jackass trying to play a practical joke. In this case, said jackass impersonates Jason for his girlfriend. As if his chances of getting laid couldn’t get any worse, the real Jason shows up. Jason claims his mask, and leaves the jackass and his girlfriend in a pool of blood. While roaming around NYC Jason actually reveals his newly sculpted face to a few city muggers. They became so shocked at how beautiful Jason’s makeover looks, they ran away screaming to tell all their friends.


Part 9

By now you’ll start to notice the mask has been getting stubbier. It went from a strong oval shape to now a more rounded profile. In Jason Goes to Hell, we don’t really get much of the mask. Jason has other things on his mind here, the least of which involve his mask. He’s more focused on turning into a demonic worm and possessing random people in the hopes of continuing his killing spree while disguised as a normal everyday lunatic covered in blood.


Part 10

Fans have a tendency to shit all over this film, as if there has always been a high bar set when it comes to these movies. While it does fall short in comparison to other entries in the series, it does have some of the best kill scenes. Thankfully Jason gets a long overdue space makeover, and ends up even more invincible than he was on Earth. They say when you’re in space nobody can hear you scream, but that only applies when there are no movie cameras around. There are plenty of screams here, but one of the scariest aspects of this movie is the fact that it would be the last time we’d see Kane Hodder don the hockey mask.


Part 11…Kind Of But Not So Much

Okay so it’s not technically a direct or “official” sequel, but it does follow the continuity of Jason’s story from previous movies. This was a real treat for fans, as we finally got to see him go up against the Springwood Slasher. If you ask me it was no contest, and Jason completely owned Freddy. Sure he got tortured a bit in the dream world, but once reality slapped it’s cold hands around Freddy’s neck it was prime time for an ass whoopin. Jason’s mask received a bit of a makeover, and seemed to retain different elements of all the prior masks combined into one. Not bad considering the monstrosity of a mask they gave him while he was in space.


So what have we learned here? A good mask can only get you so far in life. It all boils down to who’s under the mask, and who that person strives to be. Whether you’re a killer who’s aimlessly seeking revenge on camp counselors, or you’re in a metal band named Slipknot, your mask is not what truly defines you.

Unless of course you’re being judged on the surface, which masks actually have a tendency to force people to do right off the bat. So in that case, yes. A good mask is the perfect way to hide from the world, scare the shit out of people, or even look like a complete idiot. Thankfully Jason Voorhees isn’t trying to sell records. He’s just a misunderstood murderer who was tired of wearing a smelly bag over his head.

How Girls and Gremlins Inspired This Fan Favorite Song

While many Autumns Eyes songs are created from an organic process inspired by instinct, there are a few tracks which have a story to tell behind their origin. Parallel Absolution is a favorite amongst fans, but it’s inception is rooted in a unique story. The year was somewhere around 2005 shortly after the release of the Autumns Eyes EP Abandoned Expression. During preproduction of the follow up album The Awakening of the Sleeping King, I randomly stumbled on who would later become the love of my life, a girl whom I have shared the past ten years with.

At first she claimed to be a fan of my music, but was not convinced it’s sound had been crafted by one person. During a chat on the phone I decided to reassure her disbelief by recording a song in real time. I put the phone down to go record a quick drum track, came back on the phone whilst I laid down bass guitar, and shortly followed up with electric guitar. To avoid embarrassment of singing over the telephone, I opted to record vocals on my own and call her back to reveal the finished product. I also made sure to include her name in the vocals to ensure absolute legitimacy.

She was excited to hear the finished product, and continued to have me play the song for her whenever she came over to visit. After the song became embedded into my musical DNA, it was only natural to translate this creation to the new album. Soon after, the short song turned into an almost ten minute sonic journey of major and minor melodies. The major chord progressions and melodies were lifted straight out of the original song, while the minor parts were added to contrast it’s overall perception and style.

The biggest shift in tone came from the lyrical content, which shifted from a few lines jotted down to impress a girl, all the way to an in depth psychological battle of sanity. Since the albums lyrics revolved around a person battling split personalities, the lyrics on what soon became the last song would focus on this central character coming to terms with his insanity.

In order to add an extra homage for my girlfriend, I decided to throw in a musical cue which she would easily recognize. If you skip to 2:42 on the song you will hear what sounds like a high pitched flute melody over the verse. This was a melody originally sang by Gizmo, the main character in her favorite movie Gremlins. After all, Ive always been a fan of adding personal touches to my songs which showcase other inspirations to the creative process besides just heavy music.

The Awakening of the Sleeping King was released in 2007, and was the first album to start the wave of support from fans who began to take notice of what Autumns Eyes was all about. To date, Parallel Absolution remains one of the most popular Autumns Eyes songs, and I owe that to the woman I love. The one person who’s own self doubt would eventually evolve into a great song, with a great story behind it.

Where To Find the Best Horror Merchandise

Long before the days of online shopping, horror fans were undoubtably troubled when it came to finding merchandise from their favorite genre. Thankfully the advent of technology has made things much easier, and finding your favorite macabre merchandise is just a few clicks away. These are a few of my go-to places where you can find the best horror merchandise on the web.

Pixel Elixir

Pixel Elixir offers a unique collection of merchandise in the fields of horror, 80s nostalgia and other genres. A great place to shop for not only shirts, but enamel pins and art prints as well.


The standout product on this site is their wide selection of all-over print t-shirts with extremely cool designs inspired by several fan favorite horror films.


House of Mysterious Secrets

While they do stock a standard supply of horror movie t-shirts, its the weird stuff that makes this site notable. From Nightmare On Elm Street toasters to Xenomorph bottle openers, this site has a wicked selection of oddball items.


Urban Collector

For more of an innocent shopper who doesn’t want all of the harsh gore and guts many other stores promote, Urban Collector offers a wide selection of fun collectibles and figures to put on display in your haunted home.


The Haunted Shop

Looking for a large selection of horrific decor to splatter all over your house? This is the place to go for all your haunted party favors.


Fright Rags

They have some of the best horror inspired shirts Ive ever seen, hands down. However, if you see something you like, make sure you grab it. Many of these items will disappear before you get a second chance to grab them.


Cardboard Cutouts

Life size cardboard cutouts always make for a great conversation piece, and also provide added security to your home. Who would want to approach a house with a gigantic life sized Jason Voorhees staring them down with a machete in hand?



There are tons of sites you can find with large selections of horror movie posters, but All Posters is the place for me thanks to its unique and diverse artwork.


Horror Movie Locations You Can Visit Today

Whether its a spooky tree in our own backyard, or a special place in our nightmares, we all have certain locations that inject fear into us at one point or another. Thankfully horror movies allow us to witness someone else’s demise from a distance, but if you’re daring enough, there are a few places you can visit to experience these horrific atmospheres in the flesh.

The Blair Witch Project

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of this iconic film which launched the found footage genre was not shot in Burkittsville, Maryland, but rather Seneca Creek State Park located in Montgomery County.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The house which Freddy called home in so many Elm Street movies recently sold in 2013 for just over two million dollars. If you are in the area, head over to 1428 N. Genesee Avenue in Los Angeles, California and catch a glimpse of the renovated horror house.

The Exorcist

The film shows Father Karras tumbling to his death down these stairs after confronting a fairly nasty demon, and the real location can be found at the end of M Street in Georgetown, Washington DC.

Interview with the Vampire

As with many areas of New Orleans, the Oak Alley Plantation on the Mississippi River in Vacherie, LA is considered to be haunted, but still happily plays host to weddings and tourist visits.


If you’re in the area of 1019 Montrose Ave, South Pasadena, CA, don’t forget to stop by the famous bushes where Mr Myers scared the living shit out of Laurie Strode.

Horror Movie Moments Forever Stuck In My Skull

We’ve covered all things Horror on this site many times before, but until now I have never shared the most memorable morbid moments which have been forever stuck in my skull.

The Thing

Chest Chomp

It’s one of those scenes that works best upon first viewing, with perhaps the greatest gory surprise in horror history. You’re expecting this body to be examined in typical movie fashion, but suddenly the chest caves in and turns into a fucking mouth. Yeah, a fucking chest mouth. This is why John Carpenter is the master.


Thats Ben Gardners Boat

While on the subject of scenes nobody saw coming, we can’t forget the classic Ben Gardner scene from Jaws. The potency of this blockbuster film comes from not seeing the monster all throughout the movie. It’s what we don’t see, and what we do see as a result of this monster, that truly injects fear into our bones. When that head pops out and you hear Hooper’s scream through his scuba gear, it’s a perfect recipe for lifting you out of your seat.


Helen Gets Some Medical Advice

I remember watching this movie and being more terrified than ever, but once it cut to the scene of Helen speaking with her doctor in the quiet confines of an office during the day, I felt safe enough for a moment to where I could at least breathe a bit. Then she turns to the mirror, calls his name five times, and like clockwork he pops up from behind the chair and just mutilates the doctor. How could you make the scene that much more frightening? Well, he can’t just walk out the office door can he? Nope, he’s got to fly backwards out the fucking window.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Demon Party In the Barn

There are stories of this scene being filmed where crew members had to leave the set in order to remind themselves it was just a movie. Jennifer Carpenter deserves all the credit here for her amazing performance, which was originally slated to be mostly computer driven effects, but once the filmmakers saw how terrifying she could be on her own, they made the right decision by sticking with a practical approach.

American Werewolf In London

A Splitting Body Ache

Turning into a werewolf had always seemed like your basic run of the mill magic transformation moment when the body just simply faded into a wolf. At least that was what we all believed up until John Landis decided to show us how painful it actually was. Rick Baker devised a system of mechanics that stretched out the skin, and was able to show the transformation in real time. Add in some gruesome sound effects and painfully honest screams from actor David Naughton, and you’ve got one hell of a teeth grinding, nail biting scene.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Nice to Meat You

As with many scenes in this classic horror movie, they leave you with a bit of psychological damage afterwards. Our first introduction to Leatherface comes swiftly, but with such brutal depiction that it’s impossible not to recognize it’s greatness. The lack of a creeping music score makes this reveal that much more potent. Once you hear the mallet crack upon that skull, you assume the scene has done it’s job. All of the sudden we witness the body start to go into seizure mode on the ground, followed by Leatherface slamming the butcher door shut with fierce intent.

The Ring

The Infamous Closet Scene

I cannot emphasize enough how high people jumped out of their seats when this moment surprised an entire theater of people expecting just another teen slasher type movie. Japanese horror had yet to strangle the American horror market, so we were all relatively new to the game so to speak. This scene happened early on in the movie, and definitely set the tone for things to come.

Top Ten Horror Movie Video Games

While Im not the biggest gamer today, I can definitely admit to having an addiction early on in my childhood. The majority of games I played were on the NES, Genesis, Super Nintendo, and even an Amiga computer at times. Being a horror movie fan it was always a treat to have a game that followed one of the classic films from the genre. Some of them were absolutely awful, while others proved to be a real challenge. So turn off the lights and prepare not to be frightened one bit because these really are extremely corny, but here are my top ten horror movie video games nonetheless!

Friday the 13th

The music was annoying at first, but soon became intoxicating as you wandered aimlessly around the woods trying to find the hockey masked murderer.

The Evil Dead

During a time when first person horror games like Resident Evil were dominating the market, it was nice to see the Evil Dead storyline in this type of game.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy was always toe to toe with Jason in the movie world, but unfortunately he was a huge flop when it came to the video game realm.

Bram Stokers Dracula

Surprisingly this game had some pretty decent visuals, but failed in most other departments.

The Thing

While the game wasn’t much of a success, the idea of following such an amazing horror film was definitely promising.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

What could possibly go wrong having a game where you play as Leatherface? Well for starters how about having a health bar for the fuel level of your chainsaw.


The graphics for this game are simply and utterly confusing, not to mention the furthest thing from scary you could possibly imagine.

The Blair Witch Project

If you’re expecting the same creepy atmosphere as the original movie in this game, you should run faster than girl who spewed snot from her nose all over the camera lens.

Fright Night

The one thing I absolutely love about this game is the music, its corny but has a creepy vibe that I wouldn’t mind putting into my own music today.


What’s sad about this game is if you’re an actual exterminator in real life, the game is just another boring day at the office.

Horribly Awesome Horror Movie Special Effects

There’s a reason why many consider the 80s to be horror’s glory days, mostly because the effects were all practical and life-like. Granted, many of them looked extremely corny, but at least they were real objects the actors could interact with. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about todays modern horror effects. Due to filmmakers striving to keep budget costs down, there has been a surge in computer generated effects. It’s clips like these that remind us why that’s not always the best decision.


I wonder if the people who wrote this movie intended it to be so horrible, or if they truly imagined a terrifying film that payed homage to Hitchcock’s masterpiece which focused on similar subject matter.

Attack of the Sabertooth

Many of these clips will shock you with just how cheap they appear, but this scene will hold a special place in your heart for having effects no better than 90s computer screen saver.

Anaconda 3

It’s fun to imagine the actors motivation when shooting a scene like this, and it would be even more fun witnessing their reaction to what the creature they were supposed to visualize actually looks like once the film is finished.

Shark Attack 3: Megalodon

You have to give these filmmakers credit for not even attempting a CGI shark, but instead using stock footage of a real shark made to look like it’s 100x its size.

Heat Stroke

Most of these horrible movies can be seen today on the SyFy channel, which is also responsible for creating some of these films as we see here with Heat Stroke.

The Regenerated Man

I have no clue what this movie is about, or that it even existed for that matter. This just happens to be a random gem thanks to the always reliable YouTube sidebar.