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All things related to the hallowed holiday.

Halloween, the Day of Sluts

Halloween approaches along with its plethora of costume clad patrons, only to reveal a certain attention seeking costume standing out amongst the crowd, the Halloween slut has arrived. Typically the Samhain skank is dressed in some form of sex infused attire thats barely acceptable for daylight, but the creepy walking crab trap prefers to strike under cover of darkness. The evening party, this is where the most alcohol can be consumed in order to muster enough courage to remove said costume for a handful of trouser snakes to find a new hole to bury into. Once morning arrives in a cloud of sour burps and stained skirts, the hallowed whore retreats to her cave where she will retire her donation booth until next Halloween.

Granted, the above story is extremely harsh and disgustingly sexist, but it paints a picture derived from stereotypes created by people who prefer to judge a book by its cover. Are all females who dress like that on Halloween disgusting tramps? Absolutely not. Does dressing like that always have to invoke such negative connotations? By all means, no! There are plenty of us who appreciate slutty Halloween costumes, and look forward to seeing them every year. I personally love when a female trots herself around on Halloween with enough confidence to showcase what she’s got, knowing that all eyes are on her. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with that, but there is something wrong with how lazy these costumes have become.

We are all used to the nurse, the cop, the sexy devil, and so on. All Im asking, is for a little more creativity. If you are a female seeking out a sultry costume this Halloween, don’t just reach for the standard cookie cutter costume you find on the shelf. Use your imagination, and create something so memorable, that the guys and girls drooling over you have something unique to keep in their memory banks. Instead of the slutty nurse, try going as a slutty patient. Ditch the sexy cop, and go for the sexy criminal. Why have a sexy devil, when you can have a sexy angel? Well, actually those ideas are probably horrible, so by no means should you use my words as a template.

If theres anything I ask of those reading this article, who have yet to be so offended or disgusted and clicked away by now, its to think a little deeper once our favorite hallowed holiday rolls around this year. Don’t be afraid to show off your body, and don’t be afraid of people complaining about you showing off your body. Halloween is about having fun, while walking that fine line between naughty and dangerous. Slutty costumes help us indulge those feelings, so take pride in your inner skank, and let those slutty costumes continue to rein free!

10 Terrifying Autumns Eyes Tracks For Your Halloween Playlist

So we already covered the Ultimate Halloween Heavy Metal Playlist, but now its time to count down a few classic tracks from yours truly. These are ten of my personal picks from 2004-2013 that would make a perfect addition to your heavy metal playlist this Halloween.

Accepting Madness

Broken Leaves & Haunted Streets

Blood In the Woods

Please Deceive Me

Red Wine and Resin

Please Deceive Me

Haunting Your Daughter

Please Deceive Me

Whats Left of Flesh

Surrender the Fire

Feast of the Dead

Surrender the Fire

Seeded With Vengeance

The Awakening Of the Sleeping King

Malice and Bliss

In a Sense

Swimming the Witch

In a Sense

Zombie Vanity

In a Sense

Tried and True Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again, and for many of us that means digging out another idea for a costume. Some will use it as their official trick or treating uniform, while others will be miserably forced into attending a costume party. Regardless of what you will be using your costume for, the idea itself can sometimes be challenging. Thankfully there are a few tried and true Halloween costumes which can always get you through the hallowed holiday. These are just a few of the most popular ones you are bound to see every Halloween.

The Witch

Go into any grocery or drug store during the Halloween season and you are bound to see some giant pointed hats. Some like to go all out and use makeup to apply a fake nose, while others just opt for the hat and broom variation.


The Devil

Make your dark lord and master proud by donning his signature horned pitchfork look. While nobody has actually seen the devil in the flesh, the best we could do was a red guy with horns, a tail, and a sleazy goatee.


The Skeleton

Isn’t it strange how so many people love to dress inside out for Halloween? Wearing the classic skeleton costume is technically more revealing than any sexy slutty costume.


The Ghost

Its probably the easiest one of the bunch, with nothing more than a cheap bed sheet required to pull off this signature look.


The Bum

Almost as easy as the ghost costume, the bum outfit only requires some ratty looking clothes and a burned cork to give you that classic five o’clock shadow.


The Superhero

Back in the 70s it was a thin plastic mask with nothing more than a rubber band held on by a loose staple holding it together. Today the superhero mask has come a long way, but still not quite movie quality.


The Homemade Disaster

It happens to many of us. Your mother insists on making your costume in a defiant stance against outrageous store bought prices. Unfortunately this route almost always results in laughter and finger pointing.


The Slut

Nothing is more played out on Halloween these days than the tried and true slut costume. I think this subject is best explained by Dave Chappelle.

TV Shows That Had Awesome Halloween Episodes

As an avid television fan, it was always exciting when shows would embrace the spooky season by releasing a Halloween themed episode. These are just a few of my favorite shows who have done the best job at capturing the Halloween spirit.

The Simpsons

The Treehouse of Horror series is arguably one of the best Halloween themed animated specials of all time. While there are plenty of seasons to choose from, I prefer anything between seasons two and eight.


Many considered Roseanne to be the queen of Halloween back in the day, and if you watch any of the Halloween episodes you’ll see why.

Home Improvement

Another classic nineties show that always did a great job with campy decorations, creepy plots, and corny comedy.

The Cosby Show

I always remember watching the Cosby show as a kid, and there was nothing funnier than Bill Cosby pulling some Halloween pranks on the Huxtable children.

The Office

Even though there were a few Debbie Downers at Dunder Mifflin, they still gave it their all when it came time to dress up and celebrate Halloween.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David is one of my favorite comedy writers of all time, and he totally nailed it with this observation on those trick or treaters who seem just a little too old and snobby to be at your door.

South Park

You can always count on South Park for a ton of laughs paired with enough gross out gags to split your sides open.

My So Called Life

This is an underrated pick, as most people aren’t familiar with this nineties cult hit. Despite its shortcomings, the show does a solid job with a spooky Halloween themed episode.

The Ultimate Halloween Heavy Metal Playlist

Chances are if you’re a fan of heavy metal music, you’re also a fan of the Halloween season. While the hallowed holiday itself is always a blast, the days leading up to it are equally if not more exciting. The best way to maximize your macabre month of madness is to have the perfect soundtrack playing throughout the spooky days and haunted nights. These are just a few of my personal favorites which make up the Ultimate Halloween Heavy Metal Playlist.


Master of Disguise

The voice of Garm is much like the mayor of all things spooky, and the mad circus style keyboards compliment him perfectly.

Cradle of Filth

The Twisted Nails of Faith

With all the elements of a creepy gothic horror movie, this track is sure to get the blood flowing. Into your glass that is.

Dimmu Borgir

Spellbound (by the Devil)

Leave it to the Norwegian black metal musicians to churn up some diabolical devil chants.


Zombi: L’Alba Dei Morti Viventi

Anything Goblin will do here since they have scored some of the most memorable horror movies of all time.


Gold Dust Woman

Taken from the soundtrack for an awful sequel to The Crow, this song is actually pretty fucking bad ass and seems to fit the holiday quite well.

King Diamond

The Exorcist

This song comes off the album Voodoo, which is a concept album with an amazing story that is worth checking out some time before or on Halloween.


Everything Invaded

Not only is the song amazing, but the video is just as inspiring with its vampiric themed imagery.

My Dying Bride

Here In The Throat

This band makes some of the best gothic metal ever recorded, and its completely saturated with raw horrific emotion.



While their newer material is extremely polarizing, you can’t go wrong with Opeth’s back catalogue of brilliant song writing.


The Pentagram Burns

This list needs more Satan, so who better than Satyricon to fill that void!

Type O Negative

Wolf Moon

As if there would be a Halloween playlist and not feature the masters of all things hallowed?

The Cure


The opening track from one of the greatest soundtracks in movie and music history.

Nine Inch Nails

Dead Souls

Just when you thought a Joy Division song couldn’t get any more goth, the mastermind behind Nine Inch Nails takes it a few steps deeper and darker.

Danny Elfman

Beetlejuice: Main Titles

Its nice to let your ears have a break from all the distorted guitars here and there, so let the master of spooky soundtracks take the spotlight for a while.

Iron Maiden

Fear Of The Dark

Im convinced this is the reason I always pronounce the word “DAHHHK” whenever I sing.

Diabolical Masquerade

Haunted By Horror

One of the best one man metal bands Ive ever heard, and a master of contorting creepy atmospheres.

Elliot Goldenthal

Libera Me

From the outstanding score to Interview With the Vampire, the opening track is sure to set the mood for any Halloween themed event.

Your Guide To Having the Best Fall Ever

Its no surprise that every time September comes around, people such as myself start to get excited. The air gets colder, the leaves start to crunch under your feet, and the tone of the season completely shifts. Unfortunately, there are still some of us who take the season for granted by being lazy, or just plain fresh out of ideas. If you’re one of those people who can’t seem to find your way through the season, this list will definitely help you have the best Fall you’ve ever had.

Burn Incense

Setting the right atmosphere is key to enjoying your Fall season, so don’t be afraid to burn a little incense to get your senses started.


Carve Pumpkins

Its a great opportunity to get a group of people involved, and also provides great decoration for your home.


Go On a Country Road Drive

If you have the chance to travel towards New England, make sure to take some time and drive around whilst basking in the beautiful scenery.


Listen to Type O Negative

Check out the album October Rust to act as the perfect soundtrack to the season by Brooklyn’s own drab four.


Visit a Cider Mill

Cider is a staple beverage to coincide with Fall, and can even get you a bit tipsy should you decide to go for the alcoholic kind.


Go Pumpkin Picking

Instead of grabbing one at the grocery store, make a day out of it and head out with some friends to a local pumpkin patch.


Walk Through the Woods

This is great for couples, a group of people, or even by yourself. Very relaxing, and tons of good photo ops.


Attend a Local Fair

Fall fairs and festivals are a great place to find the best seasonal foods and various knickknacks to take home.

Eat Apple Desserts

Much like pumpkins, apples are one of the staple foods of the season. They are best devoured when accompanied by loads of sugar.


Watch Spooky Documentaries

Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube are loaded with documentaries on Witchcraft, Vampires, and other spooky subjects to prepare for Halloween.


Listen to Enya

Its such a relaxing soundtrack to have on whilst driving around the country, or even just lounging around the house.


Eat Halloween Candy

You know you love rolling towards that aisle in the store which carries hordes of disgustingly delicious treats. Now is the time to stock up!


Watch Horror Movies

If you’re going to get in the mood for Halloween, do it right by getting your horror fix as much as possible leading up to the hallowed holiday.


Eat Pumpkin Everything

You could go on like Bubba Gump talking about shrimp when it comes to pumpkin food in the Fall. Its not hard to find, so enjoy it while it lasts.


Listen to Danny Elfman

Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands, take your pick. He’s the absolute master of spooky soundtracks, and a perfect fit for this time of year.


Take Plenty of Pictures

The most important part of this list is to take pictures of everything and anything you can. That way you can always remember the year you had one absolutely kick ass Fall season.


3 Places You Need to Visit This Halloween

Do you ever stop and wish that Halloween would be more like your childhood, where everything seemed to have this magical aura around it whenever the season came by? Sometimes in our elder years we tend to lose hold of the essence which made those younger days so special, but it is possible to spark that feeling once again no matter how or miserable old you are.

It’s no secret that many of us love the Halloween season, but how can we reinvigorate the haunted holiday? The bad news is that it will most definitely take some effort on your part, the good news is that it’s relatively easy effort depending on where you’re located.

The main purpose of this article is to inspire fans of Halloween to try something different this year. If you’re not located anywhere near the following places, just search around and see where the locals are flocking to. Every place in the world has a spooky side, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. These just happen to be my personal favorite places in the world to spend all hallows eve.

New Orleans, LA

Voodoo surrounds the atmosphere down south in the place where Louis and Lestat once called home, and even though we are far beyond the years of active practitioners being feared throughout the lands, there is still an undeniable lust for mysticism here.


Sleepy Hollow, NY

The Headless Horseman may not appear galloping out of the woods with a hatchet in hand, but the home where one of the earliest pieces of American fiction takes place is always ripe for trick or treaters.


Salem, MA

Witches are a well known part of New England folk lore, and forever a staple of hallowed imagery. So what better place to visit than the one place where witches were most publicly known to the world?


Old School Classic Halloween Cartoons

Its no secret that much of the inspiration for Autumns Eyes comes from Halloween, and while the hallowed holiday might be months away, theres no reason not to celebrate some of the seasons best memories. One of my favorites as a kid was watching all the classic Halloween cartoons from animations golden era. They were painstakingly crafted by hand, and feature some of the best visuals to get you in the spirit of Samhain.

The Skeleton Dance


Skeleton Frolic


Lonesome Ghosts


Jeepers Creepers


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


Trick Or Treat Folks


Disney’s Haunted Halloween